On A Warm Day

I got outside at lunchtime today.  One of my favorite places to visit is Morris Arboretum.  There were quite a few people there today.  It is 50 degrees and that makes those who have been hibernating want to burst out of their caves.

The temps are going to continue to rise this weekend and I’m going to take full advantage of them!

I’m ready now for the warmer days.  Not to warm because I want it to be spring…not summer!

I’m just glad we aren’t getting that snow that is hitting the Midwest today and tomorrow!


Mental Health Moments

Today I took 20 minutes to visit my happy place.

It’s how I keep my sanity in this crazy world of Adulthood.

My wife has given this gift of a membership to the Arboretum for the last 6 years.  Even if I can only spend as little as 10 minutes here it does so much for my soul.

The world outside of these gates is so fast paced and loud.  Inside the gates it’s blasting only color and beauty.

I know I am very lucky to have this place.  In our ever crowding world there are fewer and fewer places to have peace outside.

Winter Time

It’s been a very mild winter thus far in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US.  I’m not complaining mind you.  It’s not as shocking to the purse because the heat doesn’t come on every 5 seconds and we’ve had sufficient rain so far that this shouldn’t be a drought year.

On Gray days like this I force myself to get out into the open air even if it’s for 15 minutes.  Sometimes this happens…


It was an awesome 15 minutes.  I had to go back to work but I went back feeling a little more refreshed.  I do from time to time miss the snow, but today was a pretty nice.

Hey I Went Outside Today!

It has been so hot this summer and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time for outside time.  Today I made sure even though we are in a heat advisory I went outside…even if it were only for 15 minutes.

IMG_5275 (300x400)

I went to the Arboretum where I am a member.  I highly recommend this if you can do it.  I was able to spend the most awesome 15 minutes ever.

IMG_5282 (300x400)

IMG_5283 (300x400)

IMG_5276 (300x400)

IMG_5297 (300x400)

The thing I loved the most today was the discover of the Milkweeds with their pods growing big and healthy!
IMG_5277 (300x400)

I can’t wait for Autumn when the burst open and send their wishes flying!

IMG_5278 (300x400)

It was a really good 15 minutes.  I miss nature…I need to make more time for it 😉

My Disappearance was kind of Lame

I wish I had some International Espionage reason for not blogging but honestly I was just lazy.  I kind of felt like ‘what could I possibly write about’?  I’ve done some things and took some pictures but I just didn’t get my butt in gear to post anything.  So now I’m back!  The world is my oyster!


I love Trains.  If I had the room in my house I would have a train and town hobby set up all the time.  I don’t have the room so I have to admire them from a far.  I’ve had two opportunities since August to check out trains.  First is from Morris Arboretum.  They always have a great train display and it’s a local way for me to enjoy the click-clack of the tracks.


The second offering is from the Christmas Display at Longwood Gardens in December.  They moved the location this year due to construction.  I actually preferred it in the new space.  The lights that surrounded the display only enhanced my train joy!

IMG_0453 (400x300)

IMG_0454 (400x300)

IMG_0456 (400x300)

I’m happy to report also that for Christmas I received a plethora of Train books and clothing.  Ah, I sure do love me some trains!

A Taste of Spring

It was extra tasty!  We’ve had snow at least once a week for months now.  This weekend we got a much-needed break from the white stuff.  To top it off it was in the upper 50’s!  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went outside.  We ventured to the Arboretum and it was amazing!
IMG_8606 (400x300)

It was so nice to be outside with Bean and just enjoying FRESH air!

IMG_8639 (400x300)

There was still plenty of snow about but the warm sun on our faces made up for it.

IMG_8638 (400x300)

IMG_8613 (400x300)

It was warm enough for the ducks and swans to be back out on the pond.  The Arboretum houses them in the Fernery during extreme cold in the winter.  This poor guy (Goose) gets to be outside in the extreme temps.  He seems to have held up okay though.

IMG_8636 (300x400)

We weren’t the only ones getting outside.  The Arboretum was filled with other like-minded folks.

IMG_8594 (400x300)

This lady even took time to read on one of the dry benches 😉

IMG_8637 (400x300)

It was only a little taste of spring but it was enough to help us remember that winter’s grip is lessening.  Soon we will be able to walk in the Rose Gardens and through the Train Depot.  Two of my favorite things to do with my favoritest Gal!

Memories of Milkweed Pods

I know it’s kind of weird but hear me out.

IMG_2441 (400x288)

When I was a child I loved milkweed pods in the fall.  So soft and filled with potential.

IMG_2448 (400x293)

We would run in the woods and pick the stem with the semi-opened pod and run with them spreading the weed’s seeds all over.

IMG_2447 (289x400)

We didn’t know they were weeds and a nuisance to lawn enthusiasts everywhere.  We just knew they were fun. The fluffs were wishes in the air. You could pick a fluff, make your wish and send it off into the universe with your silent hopes attached.

IMG_2450 (400x300)

Even today when I see them, like I did this weekend, I do not see anything but possibilities when I gazed at them.  After all, they are filled with thousands of wishes in each pod.  It’s moments like these that I’m glad I still have some of my childhood faith left.   I got to make my wish this weekend I hope everyone gets that chance this autumn.