Florence Foster Jenkins…The Movie

This weekend I got to see the movie Florence Foster Jenkins.  It was an amazing movie.  Filled with Ups and Downs that made it believable.  It is a film about FFJ.  She was a woman who inherited her money.  She used this money to her foster her joy of music.  She used it to bring happiness to herself after life had been bitter toward her.


Hugh Grant was excellent as St. Claire Bayfield.  All of the actors were excellent.  Simon Helberg offers some levity during the more tense moments.  Just a nice film.  I highly recommend this film.


Nocturnal Stalking

I dreamt about you again last night. Why are you stalking my dreams? I say that like it’s a bad thing but I guess it’s not because it’s like having you here but you aren’t here…you are there so where does that leave me…um with a headache!

This time we were hanging out with Meryl Streep which makes the dream even cooler but there you have it. Cool by association…what am I 15 again? I feel as awkward as I did then and since I’m here and you aren’t that makes it even lamer…OMG…I’m such a dork. So if you are reading this…which you probably aren’t…but if you are I acknowledge my dorkiness.

Anyway…we had a wonderful time with Meryl but she’s not happy you took her Mercedes.