World Holocaust Remembrance Day

I didn’t have access to my computer over the weekend so this post is late.  Although, shouldn’t every day be Holocaust Remembrance day?

Kazimierz Smoleń survived the worst of humanity.  Today in 2018 we are faced with a surge of White Supremacy from the US Government.  President Donald J. Trump and his cronies such as Stephen Miller want  a male white race to rule all in America.  They govern by fear and intimidation.  Senator McConnell and Rep. Paul Ryan live by the ideology that poor people just like being poor and if you cut off all resources to them they will strive to be wealthy.  You know who else lived by these philosophies?  Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and all of those fools that tried to destroy humanity.

Our leaders have linked the health of our children to legislation to make wealthy people wealthier.  Major corporations will pay less taxes.  Trump and his ilk want to increase military spending and he’s always using twitter to bring us to the brink of war. I fear for America.  I fear for the people of the world.  I fear we have lost all hope in humanity.

Some of Trumps supporters (I call them Trumpkins) in the US and abroad believe the Holocaust was fake.  Because they say it didn’t happen, so to them, it didn’t happen.

It did happen.  It was cruel and barbaric and was done only to show the world that fearful fools like Hitler, Kim Jong Un and Donald J. Trump should never have power of any kind!

I’m sad that the country that my family has bled and died for lacks any principles.  I’m sad that so-called Christians who hold favor with Trump forgive a white man the sins of abortion, adultery and well all sin because he asked forgiveness (Trump never asked forgiveness…he denied what we all know to be true). It’s disgusting.    I hold faith that fools like these do not destroy my country.

I will always remember the Holocaust.  The truth and the survival are real.  Remembrance of the lessons that were left behind.  I will hold them tight and hope we do not follow the path of lies and destruction.  Six Million people were slaughtered because they were Jewish or different.   SLAUGHTERED…read the big word.



It’s Been 72 Years – Auschwitz-Birkenau

Today I remember the loss of Kazimierz Smoleń.  He died on January 27, 2012 at the age of 92.


It is almost fitting this man of history died on the very day the Soviets liberated the Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.  Kazimierz Smoleń was given the number 1327 when he was taken to Auschwitz in Poland.  He was housed in Auschwitz for 5 years.  In April of 1945 he was moved to another location.  He survived his 5 years of incarceration in the death camps.  He made it out of the Nazi’s vision which was nothing more than a twisted nightmare for millions of Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, Disabled, Elderly and dissidents.  He survived.

Sadly, approximately 1.1 million others didn’t.  He dedicated his life to truth.  He shared his story so that others would be able to put a face to this mass murdering spree of the Nazis.

When those out there that like to pretend in some twisted world they live in that the extermination of Jews and others didn’t happen under Nazi rule.  Tell them Kazimierz Smoleń and other survivors out there like him would strongly disagree.

Learn from these atrocities.  Tell the world that violence isn’t the only way.

Kazimierz Smoleń Remembered Always

Today Auschwitz was freed.

The atrocities that were revealed to have happened shortly after the liberation of thousands of Jews of Europe shocked the civilized world.  How could anyone do to another person what the German Hierarchy had done to the Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, Elderly, Sick and mentally/physically infirm people?  Singled out above all were the Jewish of Europe.


Kazimierz Smoleń survived the death camp and spent the rest of his life making sure that people didn’t forget what happened during World War II.

To survive was an amazing feat in itself but he lived to be 92 years old (we lost him in 2012).  A chance at a second lifetime.  I say a second lifetime because Kazimierz Smoleń didn’t know if he would live through the death camp.  He dedicated himself to sharing with the world.  Bringing out the harsh realities from the shadows and into the light with the hope of ending this type of darkness that live in men’s hearts.

Our world is plagued by people like Hitler, Goebbels and Mengele.  We have daesh who propose they are keeping the word of their God, they are NOT.  The warlords in Africa who wipe out entire villages of people like locusts in a wheat field.  These groups kill for made up reasons justified by themselves as the right thing.  Hitler and his henchmen had that same ideas.  Now in the Middle East we have shells of cities because of daesh.

Kazimierz Smoleń lived and died trying to change the world in a good and positive way.  Let us all believe what he believed.  That goodness does exists.  That the evil in this world perpetrated by selfish, ego driven, imbecilic morons will not last much longer.  That the people who are victims of these destructive idiots will find the salvation that Mr. Kazimierz Smoleń found that day when Auschwitz was freed.

Kazimierz Smoleń I will always remember you and your bravery in the face of evil!