Remembering Kazimierz Smolen

Today is International Remembrance Day.  Today marks the 69th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.  The atrocities committed during WW II by the Nazi’s needs to highlighted today of all days.  Those same types of atrocities are still being committed all over the globe in the 21st century because we fail to learn from what is the worst that Humanity has to offer.

Today I remember Kazimierz Smolen.  He died on 1/27/2012.


He died in the same town that held him captive during WWII.  He lived a long life of 91 years against all odds.  I never knew the man until I read an article about him reflecting on Remembrance Day.  I honor him today on this auspicious day!


In The News…Blue Monkey Balls

When I saw this Headline I of course had to read the story…


What I find funnier than Headlines sometimes are the comments.  And the winning comment on this article was…


To answer Tony’s query…Yes…Yes that is exactly why I clicked on the story.  Who could pass up seeing blue balls…Ha Ha Ha…Balls.

In A Puff of White Smoke…

…one mortal man became infallible.  I’m pretty sure everywhere in the world married men are all…’Dude I should have become a Pope when I got married’.

I’m what they call a Cafeteria Catholic.  I remember the jubilation when John Paul I was elected.  We all gathered around the television and said a prayer.  Then a little while later John Paul II was elected after the unexpected death of JP I.  I remember when JP II came to our Metropolis to say mass.  My mother took us to town in our catholic school uniforms.  It was amazing for a 12 year-old to be that close to the leader of our church.  I could barely see him but I did see him, lol.


I’m kind of interested in what Francis I aka “Big Frank” has in-store for the Church.  Not that it affects me at all since I really don’t get to into the whole patriarchal and misogynistic leanings of the Church.

A Reality Check Might Be Nice

I’ve been working a lot this week and had family visiting so I haven’t had much time to blog.  But when I saw this picture I was moved by the Oh Dear Lord to blog about it.

I’m your #1 Fan and that Kristen is a Wench for cheating on you….I Love You Robert…I’m thinking she said this in her crazed, crying video as I did not actually watch this poor wretch blubber on about RPatz or whatever they call him.

So a 22 year screwed up and ruined her relationship with her boyfriend.  Everyone blames this 22-year-old Kristen Stewart for breaking Robert Pattinson’s heart and destroying that creepy couple’s marriage.  Hello it takes two to tango and I blame him more.  She’s 22 years old…who wasn’t stupid at 22.  He’s 41 and has a wife and kids…Mr. grow up already and realize you are just as culpable!

So on to the other item of this little tryst that broke up two couples.  The crazed adoring fans who want to gut poor Kristen like a fish for breaking Robbie’s heart.  The chick above went as far as to upload a diatribe about it on YouTube.  She cried like a baby.  You know like it was happening to people she actually knew on a first hand basis.  Nope she doesn’t.  I was a hard-core soap fan most of my life and let me tell you that no matter how crazy I sounded when I talked about soap characters (you know like they were actually real people) I always knew a) They AREN’T REAL PEOPLE and b) I knew the Soap Actors real name.  When I had several opportunities to meet said people I would call them Ms. Eakes (Aka Krystal Carey Chandler Martin).  I never wept for them or screamed at them.  They are real People no the parts they play.

Hey it’s KWAK

So I feel bad for Robert too but I won’t shed a tear because really I don’t care and I’m fairly certain he’d be thrilled to know that, lol.  GO TEAM EDWARD!!!

Nobel Committee Your Timing Is Off

Yes…I’m going to put my two cents  in on the great Nobel Peace Prize debate.  In the attempt to make some weird statement against former President GW Bush the Nobel Committee has awarded the Peace Prize to President Barak Obama.  Like many people I scratch my head about what did he do that was worthy of the nomination for the award?

This selection was almost as bizarre as Al Gore winning the Peace Prize for his Global Warming work.  If Al Gore had won the prize for Science that would have at least made sense for me but for Peace?  Now the President is set to accept the award just before he needs to make a decision about the war in Afghanistan.   If he ups the troop levels then he advocates war which would make this whole thing Ironic.    I wonder what the President is really thinking about the position he’s now been put in for all  his future decisions.

In short today’s big reveal is rather a big mess all around.

There are Good People In The World…really

This morning while having my cup of ice tea (I despise coffee) and reading the news online I came across this story that kind of made Wednesday a little nicer and me a little more thankful for what I have and what I don’t have.

The family of a 7 year old girl who is terminally ill and on a ventilator couldn’t afford to take their child home where she could die peacefully.  Federal Express Freight stepped up and donated the $11,000 for the medivac trip back to Arkansas.  In a time when we hear about corporate greed and corporate layoffs this was a refreshing story.  In time of pain there is hope that something can be done to relieve even just a portion of it.  So a big old “Way to Go” Fedex!

In other news….

Jon Gosselin is slowing down the divorce train.  Really Jon…why is that…have you just looked at your bank account?  I’m not a fan of Kate but you know what I’m tired of,  men getting passes for their mid-life crisis’.  If a woman abandons her family for want of sleeping around she’s a big old slut.  If a guy does it he’s either a stud or lost.  These two need a major dose of REALITY!

Kathy Ireland got booted from DWTS and like no one was surprised.  I feel bad for Tony.  The only decent dance partner he’s had was Melissa.

The Phillies magic number is now 1…thanks Florida Marlins :)~

MTV discovered a way to get men involved in the fight to end Breast Cancer with the “Save the Boobs” campaign.

Oh and that chick dropped the F-Bomb on SNL.  Seriously, all those people who were “outraged” need to take a Fuckin’ Chill Pill.

Just a regular old quote:

“Now suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress… But I repeat myself. ” ~ Mark Twain

The Sky Is Falling

Well not really but you would think by the news it was in fact falling.  Gas went up 11 cents over the weekend.  Can I just say WTF?  I bet if someone actually was auditing these companies in the financial districts one might find fraud and corruption.  I say bring on the investigations!  That Lehman Bros. fiasco…the CEO received a $22 million dollar bonus for basically cooking the books.  Everyone is running around like Chicken Little but no one wants to actually do something radical like develop a plan.  They just throw my money at it.

Why are 20% of the country’s refining capabilities based in a volital area?  I get it’s closest to the oil being pumped but when our country has gone from 364 refineries historically to just 124 and 20% of those are in what I’ll call Hurricane Alley this makes no sense.  It’s time to build more refineries.  South Dakota has welcomed the building of Refineries in their state.  I’m tired of congress telling us what they won’t do.  They strangle the country and are just as responsible for financial crisis as other avenues. Greed and Corruption is out of control in our country and it’s time for accountability.

So the hurricane’s brought about extreme humidity to my part of the globe.  What does this mean?  Well it means my hair is really curly.  But since I’m on vacation this week I don’t really care.  Gosh vacations are awesome!

Eagles vs. Dallas tonight…be there!