1983…2013 We Are Still AWESOME 30 Years Later

This weekend I went to my 30th High School Reunion.  The people who worked the Reunion Committee nailed it!  It was an amazing time.

Having gone to a Farm School it makes sense there would be a cow theme!

Having gone to a Farm School it makes sense there would be a cow theme!

In High School,  this was our classroom.

In High School, this was our classroom.

My High School boyfriend.

My High School boyfriend.

Yes that is a cat on my head.  And yes Burke is PRETENDING to be surprised, lol.

Yes that is a cat on my head. And yes Burke is PRETENDING to be surprised, lol.

Cow Photo Bomb!

Cow Photo Bomb!

This is the craziest most awesome bunch of folks ever. I'm just honored I got to spend some of the best days of my life with these people!

This is the craziest most awesome bunch of folks ever. I’m just honored I got to spend some of the best days of my life with these people!

Good times…great people!


The Heart Grew A Lot Fonder

This weekend I went away with some of my school mates from High School (yes we graduated like 5 years ago, lol).  We had a lot of fun and tons of laughs but I still missed my Bean.  Life is like that.  One day I was content to be alone and the next I couldn’t see a future without my love.  I got to see her last night and everything was good again.


Paging Bobby Rydell!


It was a windy day on Saturday but it didn’t stop us from seeing the sights.


E, B and M Cheesing it up for the Camera


I’ve never done an Autumn sunset in New Jersey before and lets just say it didn’t disappoint!


Sunset at Reeds Beach


I’m not sure what was going on with my hair but I just went with it.  I was captivated by the colors dancing around me.


Sunset at Reeds Beach



The Dunes made for nice picture-taking!


We danced, we ate, we sang, we played with Monica’s Knockers and yes…we told a million stories about the old days when being 17 seemed like being old.

This sign had little to do with my weekend other than I took a picture of it on my weekend adventure 😉

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This weekend went so fast. I completely forgot I was to go to the Soul’s game yesterday. It was the first time I’ve ever been to Arena Football. The Philadelphia Soul are owned by Jon Bon Jovi…yep the singer. It was amazing how entertained I felt. Arena football is 1/2 of regular football. It’s kind of a cross between Hockey and Football. When a player gets tackled it’s usually against the wall. And when the ball is kicked off it bounces off of the net and it’s then returned down field. This is way harder than it would seem as the returner has his back to the on coming opposing team. It was non stop excitement and when a ball is kicked or accidentally over thrown into the stands the spectator gets to keep it…much like baseball. They won 59-51.

After the game the players have a 20 min autograph signing and DG got her football signed.Autographed Football
And unfortunately learned a very valuable lesson. She put the ball down for a minute and someone stole it. Not just someone as we learned from one of the Staffers at the Wachovia Center but an older man. Some old geezer stole from a child. Have you ever heard of anything so horrible?! So much for the City of Brotherly Love…they should add…and kleptomaniacs!

Anyway we decided to have dinner in Chinatown since we were in town. A good time had by all…well except DG who only has the picture to show her Dad of the autographs she got!

The Open Reunion was a huge success. It was so amazing to see so many people I haven’t seen in so long. The Not Ready For Prime Time PlayersIt’s too bad 5 couldn’t come but she’s sounds much better on the phone…her cold is getting better. There were a bunch of teachers there besides the students. A million stories were told and a million more laughs shared. The student who gets the “I haven’t changed at all” award is Nelson.

I got home around 1 in the morning. Tired, yes…but still smiling from my stroll down memory lane. Ah the old days…how I remember you so fondly. It made me pull out my year book from 1981…I had to laugh because of the “comments” written by my friends were…”Stay as weird as you are”, “Remember when you almost blew up the chemistry lab”, and one senior wrote…”You won’t miss me pinching your ass in the halls. See ya over the summer”. And here I thought of myself as a reserved quiet type…apparently I wasn’t, lol.

200 Years and Counting

Well that’s how old I feel.  Methuselah is a young man compare to how I feel these days.  I’m making some positive changes in my life to help correct my ever aging body.  Hell I’m only 42 but for some reason I feel like that smashed up car in the salvage yard just waiting to be refurbished. I digress.

Which brings me to the fact I’m out of High School 25 years this year.  Okay,  like when did that happen, because I haven’t yet grown up.  Maturity it seems is something that can be delayed.  On Friday I’m going to an open reunion with my pals T&S for the High School I didn’t graduate from (long story).  I had so much fun at our 20th Reunion that I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Two of our old teachers (Tattro and Winters) came up with the idea and me thinks, it’s going to be a hoot.

It made me flash back to some really fun times in my miss spent youth.  Like going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with my friends on Halloween night and running into to of our teachers dressed in drag for the show.  How many people can say they’ve seen that marvelous sight!  I remember my first real boyfriend back then Kenny…he even gave me a ring…that made my finger turn green but it was a symbolic gesture.  I discovered at my last reunion he’s been happily married to a man for the last 8 years.  Which of course makes me chuckle…all the good ones are gay 🙂  I remember going to school in a blinding blizzard (those days only the end of the world closed the public schools), the Septa Bus getting stuck in the snow 25 ft. from school and working my way to the door of the Gym only to see Soufflas standing there saying school’s canceled.  So I walked the 3 miles home in 11″ of snow cursing the whole way.  Ah the good old days.  I’m kind of disappointed I couldn’t talk 5 into going with me since we both attended the same H.S., well for 2 years anyway, she graduated from there I became “a transfer student”, lol.  Who knows if she’s over her cold she might change her mind.

And for some reason today I can’t stop thinking about Scrappy.