Oh Halloween…I Miss You Already

The First.  Everything is the First in our new home.  This time it was the first Halloween.

We didn’t get many Trick-or-Treaters but I managed to have a great time.

There he goes our first Trick-or-Treater.  He was a little guy dressed as Batman.  His Dad was enjoying the Trick-or-Treating too.   He was so cute!  Batman, by the way, is the best Halloween Costume ever!

It was pretty cold outside and the moon shone crisp in the evening sky.  In short, it was perfect!  Next on our Holiday Hit Parade is Thanksgiving.  This weekend I will switch out the decorations.  I can’t wait.  To have our own home is beyond thrilling for me.  I’m like a lucky Trick-or-Treater who just got the full size candy bar!

Life is good 🙂


Visions of Halloween…and snow

So I know Halloween was like last week…oh well…I’m playing catch up.

There is something very odd about snow on the ground for Halloween in Pennsylvania.  I know there are places where it snows early like Minnesota and Maine (What’s with the M States?) but here in PA cold is the norm this time of year and snow is not the norm.  It was just bizarre and weird.  Thinking on it now…so is Halloween.

Even my decorations are angry it snows for Halloween, lol.

Even with all the obstacles this year some of the houses got into the spirit of the season and dressed their best.

This house reminded me of the Walmart commercial.  If you can’t read can you take more than one?

Please Take One....HA HA HA...that's a good one!

Good time had by all.  Candy was the theme of the evening even if the Uncle didn’t get his Butterfinger, lol.  Now on to Thanksgiving!