A Super Bowl Victory and the Plague

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl LII Champions!!!  We had a great parade.  The best part was telling Chris Collingsworth to SUCK IT!!!

A couple of days later my cold turned evil and tried to kill me.  Luckily my wife hounded me until I called the doctor again because I was having trouble breathing.  Long story short…I’m alive!!  I missed 6 days of work but I’m alive 🙂



Autumn is creeping into my home town.  Today is gorgeous…no humidity…loads of sunshine and I’m digging it more because I’m on vacation and can enjoy it!  YEAH for glorious days!  I’m going to sit outside and read.  Life doesn’t get much better than this…well it would super duper awesome if I wasn’t lactose intolerant and could enjoy some ice cream on the patio today 🙂

I’ve been stewing over the Eagles loss to Dallas since Monday.  I guess I would care as much but every time Donovan McNabb makes a stupid mistake he smiles and laughs and then points to himself.  Really no kidding you screwed up…I would never have determined that for myself.  I’d rather him be more serious about winning and I just don’t feel it.  Donovan’s got loads of talent but hasn’t produced…dude get it together!

The Sillie Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies

I can’t wait until regular football season starts up…the pre-game is nice but it’s like watching a bunch of fashion models decide if they are going to eat a sandwich.

Dudes…WTF is going on here!!!!  I’m very certain that the Phillies losing isn’t my fault because I haven’t watched them since I promised Mo-Mo I wouldn’t.  This is because when watched them early in the season they always lost so I stopped.  Now it’s down to the wire and they are like sucktacular!  We play the Mets next and have to sweep all 3 games to get back in first place.

Just remember this….Philadelphia Phans threw snowballs at Santa Claus during an Eagles game…more than once…It’s not a threat…I’m just sayin’ is all 🙂