Hey Look I Went Outdoors ;)

This weekend was lovely.  Cool in the shade with a little heat in the sun.  I even got a bit of odd sunburn.  It was only on one side of my neck.  Weird but then again that’s how we roll in the Shire.

IMG_7717 (300x400) IMG_7723 (400x300)

Who doesn’t like dancing/singing men playing an accordion and wearing bells.  Ah May Day, you are FABULOUS!

IMG_7730 (300x400)

This poor Green lad just walked back and forth.  I think he was missing his home planet.

IMG_7734 (400x300)

This is Aunt Fanny…She was tired and decided to lay in the middle of the road.  I was cracking up.

IMG_7745 (400x300)

This fella is Guinness.  He’s from Brewerytown.  Very cleaver naming of your dog Mister!

IMG_7746 (400x300)

How come no one ever carries me around on their shoulder?  Oh right, I’m not a little dog, lol.

IMG_7729 (400x300)

It was nice seeing all the dogs…oh and the people watching was awesome this year!  Tomorrow I will share the food.  I also learned that the Eye of Sauron is housed at the Cheesecake Factory.  Who knew?


The One Where I Have A Dumbass Grin All The Time

Yes it’s true oh people of the internets I’m smitten!  Even at work they’ve noticed I’m much happier.  Who knew all it took was pink flip flops?  Okay it may have much more to do with the person in those flip-flops but still it’s all good.  Bean makes me happy…there I said it.

On non-happy related news the weather is driving me crazy!  The weather gal said that today would be hot but less humid.  She got fully dress up with make-up on and diamonds in her ears, cocktail dress and she still F’d it up!  Seriously how hard is this people…she pointed to the map, the diagram and the chart and still she couldn’t get it right!  She showed me a Doppler radar image…nope not even that could help her!  Well at least she got all dolled up to disappoint me.  Thanks but you still suck 🙂

Also, not happening in the world…my Zombie seems to have gone on vacation.  I guess that’s cool…I didn’t know zombies took vacation.  Well done Zombie Dude!

That's right...go to sleep...so I can...um...what? Sorry I thought I was saying that in my head.

And…my roommates aren’t very happy with me right now but they haven’t tried to kill me in my sleep so that’s a good thing…right?