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I’m Concerned

This weekend saw so many historic moments.  On Friday, January 20, 2017, the 45th President of the United States of America was sworn into office.  Barack Obama became former President Barack Obama and he and his family moved on to their next adventure in life.

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 people marched on Washington, DC and other major cities in our Country.  The theme was Women’s Rights.  I watched so many of my friends marching all over this country of ours and it was amazing.  Unless of course you are one of those nay-sayers who can’t understand what the march is about.  Why do women need MORE rights than they do already?  They’ve got plenty.

This new administration and mostly it’s GOP counterparts have decided it’s important to attack the parts of our government that are about women.  Defunding Planned Parenthood over the abortion issue is absolutely moronic.  First, PP only offers abortion in 1% of its clinics.  Second, defunding PP puts poor women (mostly from the south) at health risks because of no money for pap smears, mammograms, routine physical and other issues.  It also puts their poor children at risk.  Most of Congress is made up of men.  It explains why our country spent about $100 million on Viagra.


It spawned this little meme on FB.

Men do not understand women…never have.  We spend almost 57% of our overall budget on Defense spending.  We have millions for phallic symbols of aggression and might but no money to protect and feed the poor in our country.  The poor are lazy and useless and undeserving.  Right?

Women today still make much less than their male counter parts.  It doesn’t matter which field of employment, it’s been documented.  Men in our country would like to see Women barefoot and pregnant but without the responsibility on their end for the family or the woman.  This is also document in articles and research.  This is the modern man.  I’m not saying all men are like this but from the people interviewed and some of the male responses on Twitter and Facebook it is slim pickings out their girls.


President Trump and his machismo attitude and disrespect of women is also documented.  What spawned this diatribe was the fact on two occasions during the inauguration he left his wife Melenia essentially in the dust.  44 and 43 are well-respected by the community regarding their relationships with their wives.  We loved to see them interact.  It was a wonderful thing.  If 45 treats his wife as an after thought why would anyone think he wouldn’t do the same with all women.  JS.

Today’s Issue – Food Porn

This is indeed a diatribe so you’ve been warned.

Food Porn?  Seriously, are they kidding?  Regular porn is awesome so food porn must be doubly awesome!

Yummy Yummy!!

They are now calling great, tasty food names because it’s fattening and they are haters.  Let me just stay I’m tired of Congress taking on these silly things thinking in some strange world they can actually change people’s eating habits because they make it too expensive to eat it.  And why do they take on these challenges?  Well it’s because some odd duck out there thinks you can legislate stupidity.  You can’t.  Extra tax revenue is more likely the reason.

If someone wants to eat themselves into an early grave…it’s not my business.  Just like it’s not their business I like porn and food or in this case food porn.  Yes I can hear that Outback Bloomin’ Onion calling my name in sweet whispered tones…I love you too Tasty Food Porn!
In our litigious society we have decided that we need a law for everything to protect ourselves from anything out there.  But really it doesn’t protect us from anything.  Anger and sadness are usually the motivators for the push to save us from ourselves.  Just this week a family took on Four Loko drinks because their under aged college student son spent 30 hours partying, had access to a gun and died when he accidentally shot himself. I feel sad for the family because the lost of a child should never happen.  But really did he die because of this drink or because of his own reckless choices?    Not to worry there is a push to remove the drink forever so no other family loses a child to Four Loko.    When I was a young one it was huffing cleaning fluids and drinking all night.  Two complete safe activities that should be blamed on Mr. Clean if something goes awry, no?
So Mr. Congressman/Activist weirdo please stop messing with my rights to gorge on crappy food until I die.  It won’t stop me. It will make me want it more.  It’s the “Fruit From The Forbidden Tree”.

I digress and yes I’m now really jonesing for a Bloomin’ Onion or maybe some Bacon/Cheese Fries with a side of sour cream…care to join me in some Food Porn?