His Name was Benji

I’m still not sure why they give these storms names but  they do.  The weekend we got hit with Winter storm Benji.   I’m not sure where the first storm named Aiden hit but I missed it all together, lol.

No matter the name I did enjoy this snow.  Just enough to play in and just enough not to have to shovel much.  Win-Win as far as I’m concerned.   It makes me think there is an opportunity for a White Christmas to add to the seasonal fun.  Last year it was warm and the year before that we were in the 70’s.  Oh, that myth called Global Warming…you’re a hoot.


UPDATE: Stuff Happened…I was on Vacation – Pt. 1

I’ve been on Christmas Vacation for the last almost two weeks.  It’s been awesome.  Christmas was a blast.  I got 2 Light Sabers and they are so much fun.  I can be a Sith or a good guy.  Each light saber is different and I dig that!  Our Christmas tree that was being held up in the stand by the Chronicles of Narnia (totally serious) suffered from a winter’s thaw and fell over.  Bean laughed hysterical.  I, always being the dooms-dayer only laughed when I realized all the ornaments were okay.  It is funny but sometimes it takes me a little bit to see how funny it actually is and to just let go and enjoy the moment.  Note to self be more light-hearted!

IMG_5411 (300x400)
It was looking like the season would be warm but we got a nice little snow storm on 12/29/12 that made the holiday a little more festive for me.  I love snow, especially when it doesn’t stick to the roads.  I took some snowy pictures to remember the winter’s majesty.

IMG_5716 (300x400)

IMG_5695 (400x300)
IMG_5706 (400x300)
IMG_5815 (400x300)
Willow also likes the snow.  She likes it so much I had a dickens of a time getting her back inside!

IMG_5715 (400x300)
IMG_5714 (400x300)
IMG_5713 (400x300)
I really enjoyed the snow.  It didn’t last very long but it enhanced my holiday experience!

Tomorrow I will regale you with my NYE adventure…

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…It’s Mr. Bacon!!!

I love the website Perpetual Kid.  You know because…I’m a perpetual kid 🙂  One reason is because they have an action figure called Mr. Bacon.  Seriously…how cool is that?  Um…WICKED COOL!!  Just saying.

I could so see him hanging out with Bjorn and Chris.  A Strip of Bacon, A Troll and A Fairy go on vacation or a night out on the town together.  Yeah…that would be cool.

I’m Tired From All That Time Off

It’s back to work for me today.  Although…I did put in a half of a day on Thursday.  It was a whirlwind of a time off.  We celebrated Christmas and New Years and did some stuff in between.  We also had a snow storm that dropped 11″ of snow on our fair town.  Crazy I know.

Me at the Casino

We went to the Casino to gamble away our life savings but alas we were only down $2 when we left.  I fared better on NYE when I went to drink my life savings away.  Okay I didn’t but that’s only because Bean had the money and was the designated driver (look at us being all responsible…Yeah Bean!).

First we went to the Outback Steakhouse for some high caloric yumminess!  Then we headed to destination fun!

Happy New Years People!

I drank a lot.  I didn’t puke though.  That would be way more embarrassing than just me being ossified drunk 🙂  I drank, drunk, drunker then drunk and never once dropped my drink.

Bring on the Queens!

The entertainment was awesome two…Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney sang some numbers and then…Liza Minnelli sang some of her classics.  God I love the Queens!

And Done...More Beer please

And there was even more entertainment when this girl was all over this obviously gay man who was drunk.  I think he may have thought she was a Drag Queen.  I’m sure they both woke up later bathed in regret.  Me I thought it was funny as hell!

I was a little tired this morning so I let the Fairy do some of my work.  She’s cool like that.  Seriously she’d do anything for a diet coke!

There really is a Data Processing Fairy...see there she is 🙂

It was an awesome week but I’ll tell you the truth I’m glad it only comes once a year cause this Non-Fairy Fairy is plum tired out 🙂  Happy New Year y’all!!!

The One Where A Fairy Came To Live with Me

Christmas 2010 is now in the record books.  It was an awesome Christmas.  Bean out did herself with the festivities.  And all that with me being sick.  Yep…Christmas Eve had me with a sour belly and nausea so we stayed home in case it was a virus but it turned out to have been something I ate.  I would love to have been able to have narrowed it down but lets face it…what didn’t I eat this holiday.  I put on 9 lbs.  Seriously people food is everywhere!
On Christmas morning we woke up early (translation I woke Bean up early) and opened all the lovely gifts put under our tree by Santa.  And there she was just sitting there looking adorable and awesome…My newest Fairy Friend Christmas Snow.  She’s going to move in because she just relocated here from Neverland.  It seems The Bells have been so awful of late that she thought why put up with it and decided a move was in order.  You know, since Tinker Bell  became famous she’s been such a snob.
I got so many wonderful gifts.  Bean is taking me to see Ron White in March.  It’s going to be a hoot.  That dude is so freaking funny!  Some of the presents are going to come in handy since we got hit with a surprise snowstorm.  Dang you weather folks.