Merry Christmas…in July

We decided to celebrate Christmas in July this year.

We went to Byers Choice and the National Christmas Center.

Byers Choice had lots of places to take photos beyond the exhibits.  This was a dress up area with costumes and a Christmas background to take pictures in your dress up 🙂

It was so hot that Byers Choice had the local fire department come out with the hose to cool the kiddies down.

It was such a fun time.  I got to see so many of my favorite beings (elves) and relive a little bit of my childhood 🙂



But It’s July

Is it really to early for good Christmas cheer?  Or how about dreaming of colder weather?


I’m going to say no since another heatwave us about to hit my fair city.


This is my fair city.  It looks way cleaner from miles away, lol.