Spring – It’s For The Birds

I love April.  It’s the best time to bird watch.  I’m not particularly into Ornithology but I love the colors of the birds.  All of the colors of the birds shine out in contrast to the browns and grays of winter.

I’m going back to this location next week to see what other birds are in town.  Ahhhhhh…..SPRING!


April is For Birdwatching

I love April every year because Winter is lessening its grip on us and it is the one time a year one can get a glimpse of so many species of birds that aren’t necessarily local.  The birds migrate home and sometimes stop in our little corner of the world for a rest and a bite to eat.  I could sit for hours and watches these visitors.  Here are some of the birds I snapped on camera.

IMG_9892 (400x300)

IMG_9883 (400x300)

IMG_9830 (400x300)

IMG_9869 (400x300)

IMG_9881 (400x300)

IMG_9824 (400x300)

IMG_9856 (400x300)

It was an amazing day!