2017 Summer Vacation – The People of the Beach

Vacations are a time for people to relax.  A time to share each others lives and sometimes it’s a time to just be still.  Here are some of those moments.

I give you The People of the Crest Beach.

I can’t help it…I love it in Wildwood Crest.  I can’t wait until next year to see some of these same faces and maybe some new ones.

Until then…I will be dreaming of seeing this sign as I enter my Happy Place away from home.


2017 Summer Vacation – The People of the Beach – It’s My Job

One of my favorite things about the beach is the people watching.  Some are funny, some make me shake my head and others are just interesting.

These are the people who work the beach.  Ice Cream girl doesn’t get the credit she deserves.  She pushes this cart of tasty treats back and forth across the beach every day.  Hot or drizzling she’s there to furnish us all with tasty treats.  I salute you Ice Cream Girl!

These are the people who rescue us in rip tides.  They save us from cut feet from broken shells and they watch over us while we swim in dolphin infested waters.  It’s not an easy job or one that people appreciate until, well, until you are drowning.  Here is a shout out to all of the Wildwood Crest’s version of Baywatch!  You do it CJ and Mitch Buchananish Lifeguards!

Here is to the guy who never gets and credit at all.  This kid provides your rented equipment so you don’t have to schlep it to the beach.  Umbrellas, Chairs and the like are all provided by this guy.  Also, he collects them all from the beach before his shift is over at 5pm.

You do it Umbrella Patrol guy!  Thanks for the shade!

I jest, but to be honest these folks provide to all the tourist the comforts of the beach.  They provide food, equipment and most importantly…peace of mind knowing they are looking out for us up there on the stand!  Thank you all!

Vacation – Part II – The People of the Beach

I love to people watch at the beach.  Sometimes it’s a good thing.  Like this brother helping his sisters have fun in the ocean.

IMG_1417 (400x300) IMG_1418 (400x300)

They were so cute to watch.  All three made the most of the ocean that day.  There are other times when you just can’t unsee what has been seen.  Like this woman’s unfortunate bathing suit choice.

IMG_1272 (400x300)


Other times it is just the Fudgey Wudgey Man who makes the happiness on a very, very hot day!

IMG_1261 (400x300)

There are times that try one’s patience too.  These two fools from New York were sitting next to us being all loud and annoying.  When they left for the day this is what they left behind.

IMG_1428 (400x300) IMG_1429 (400x300)

Seriously…what losers!!!  Not to worry my wife cleaned up the mess and put the cans & bottle into the recycle container that was located only 25 ft. from this disaster.

Sometimes I wonder why people go to the beach if this is what they are going to do the entire time…

IMG_1714 (400x300)

Over all there was a lot of folks just enjoying the times away from work or home and relaxing.

IMG_1267 (400x300) IMG_1269 (400x300) IMG_1412 (400x300) IMG_1703 (400x300)

Tomorrow I will share with you the Jersey version of Baywatch!