Autumn 2017 – In Pictures

It’s still odd to me that it’s in the 70’s this week.  The warmest Autumn ever (in my mind).  Warm but still beautiful.

It’s my most favorite time of the year 🙂


Milkweed Pods in Autumn

Today I got over to the Arboretum to see if the Milkweed Pods had opened yet.  I was thrilled to see they had!

SAM_4977 (400x300) SAM_4978 (300x400) SAM_4984 (400x283) SAM_4987 (400x300)

When I was a kid we used to make wishes.  I love these things.  It kind of gives me back a taste of my childhood.  I made my wish so now I just wait to see if it comes true.  I hope you get your wishes too!

The Road Most Traveled Is Also Beautiful!

Autumn seems to be zinging by and I had a fear I’d miss it.  Today I went out at lunchtime to catch some of the color.

SAM_4905 (400x300)

SAM_4916 (400x300)

So many colors.  It’s amazing to watch.  I could sit on the bench for hours!

SAM_4899 (400x300)

SAM_4917 (400x300)

The whole season races by and I’m always trying to catch a glimpse whenever I can.  It is hard to believe that this weekend is Halloween.

SAM_4925 (400x300)

Time really needs to slow down.  In the mean time I’m going to keep enjoying the show nature has laid out for us!


In 1777 George Washington Slept Everywhere

On Sunday I went to Hope Lodge to see a Re-enactment of an Encampment of 1777.  It was amazing and informational.

IMG_3840 (400x300)
IMG_3820 (400x299)

They dressed, ate and even played games all in the spirit of the 18th Century.

IMG_3846 (400x300)

Everyone was represented.

The Hessian Army

The Hessian Army

The British Army

The British Army

The American Regular Army

The American Regular Army

The Militia

The Militia

Here are some random shots of took of the “People of 1777”.

IMG_4220 (281x400)
IMG_4028 (400x296)
IMG_4025 (400x299)
IMG_3847 (400x299)
IMG_3993 (400x300)

The Encampment in front of Hope Lodge with the colors of Autumn in the background.

IMG_3891 (400x296)

Who doesn’t like a good bayonet charge?

IMG_4192 (400x300)

I have to say that I love when people like these have such cool hobbies!!!  Thank you Cool Hobby people for giving me an eye into history and a great way to spend an Autumn day!

Through These Doors…

I was visiting some of my favorite places on Friday just to capture the last moments of Autumn when the leaves all fall and make the pathways to Winter.

These are the most beautiful doors I’ve seen in a long time.

IMG_3680 (300x400)

I’ve always loved doors, windows, staircases and well you get the idea…they all lead some where.  These doors lead to a place that some would say was the ultimate goodness and others would say the ultimate sadness.  I guess a little of both.

IMG_3679 (400x295)

They lead to a Mausoleum at Laurel Hill Cemetery.  The artistry is amazing in both Marble and Steel.  Love and dedication went into this house of the dead.  I know cemeteries aren’t most people’s usual place to go on a day off but for me the peace and serenity is complete.

Autumn But With More Milk Weed Pods

I haven’t seen this many Milk Weed Pods in years.  Now I see them everywhere!

IMG_3487 (400x300)
IMG_3482 (400x300)
IMG_3486 (400x300)

The Colors are almost at peak.  This year I’ve decided to take as much time as I can to enjoy the Autumn.

IMG_3491 (400x300)

So much time is spent running here and there that I forget to stop and take in the absolute beauty that Autumn has to offer.

IMG_3511 (400x300)
IMG_3498 (400x300)
IMG_3521 (400x300)

Looks like I’m not the only one taking pictures today 😉

IMG_3522 (400x300)

I hope you get to take time to enjoy something today 🙂