Baby, It’s Hot Outside

It’s Autumn officially now but the Temperatures have been sweltering.

This cloud is about the most we will see from Hurricane Maria.  She’s churning off the coast of North Carolina right now but she’s suppose to move out to see and not guide up the coast.  Thank goodness.  Too many people have been hurt by Hurricane’s this season.  Harvey, Irma, Juno and Maria have served their destruction and now the rebuilding is taking place.  The lack of response to those victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico by the US Government is appalling.  But under the current President and his Administration it really doesn’t surprise me.  Compassion is only granted if there is a profit (for Trump and his Cronies) to be made.

I’m hoping once Maria moves out of our area we will see more seasonable temperatures and the Hurricane’s will die down.  Here’s to Hope!


Milkweed Pods in Autumn

Today I got over to the Arboretum to see if the Milkweed Pods had opened yet.  I was thrilled to see they had!

SAM_4977 (400x300) SAM_4978 (300x400) SAM_4984 (400x283) SAM_4987 (400x300)

When I was a kid we used to make wishes.  I love these things.  It kind of gives me back a taste of my childhood.  I made my wish so now I just wait to see if it comes true.  I hope you get your wishes too!

Memories of Milkweed Pods

I know it’s kind of weird but hear me out.

IMG_2441 (400x288)

When I was a child I loved milkweed pods in the fall.  So soft and filled with potential.

IMG_2448 (400x293)

We would run in the woods and pick the stem with the semi-opened pod and run with them spreading the weed’s seeds all over.

IMG_2447 (289x400)

We didn’t know they were weeds and a nuisance to lawn enthusiasts everywhere.  We just knew they were fun. The fluffs were wishes in the air. You could pick a fluff, make your wish and send it off into the universe with your silent hopes attached.

IMG_2450 (400x300)

Even today when I see them, like I did this weekend, I do not see anything but possibilities when I gazed at them.  After all, they are filled with thousands of wishes in each pod.  It’s moments like these that I’m glad I still have some of my childhood faith left.   I got to make my wish this weekend I hope everyone gets that chance this autumn.

Another Autumn Day

I can’t decide if I’ve missed peak season for leaf color.  The People In The Know all say it’s this weekend but I kind of feel it was last weekend.  Either way I wanted to get in some Autumn pictures before the Nor’Easter hits us this weekend.  So I went out yesterday at lunch time and took some pictures.

This woman took the day to paint the forest 🙂 I totally dig that!

Here’s me taking a picture of me and leaves.

The season goes so fast.  Halloween is next week (YEAH) and not long after is Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I feel every year swings around just a little faster.  Yes I know that defies the laws of Physics but I’m talking about feelings not an actual quantitative element like time.  You know…cause that’s how I roll!

Ah The Cold…How I’ve Missed You

Autumn temps are here in the burg.  I’m loving it.  The colder the better!

It finally stopped raining here so it is easier to enjoy the autumnal weather.  But I love the contrast from cold mornings to warmer afternoons and then cycle back to the cold temps in the evening.

I loved this picture of the sun warming the cold morning.  It just sums up my love of this time of the year.  I’m pretty sure I’m not one of those people who could live anywhere.  I’m needy and must have seasonal changes.  I like the snow in winter even if it makes commuting to work annoying.  It’s pretty to look at and play in.  Then spring snaps us out of the coldness and we are back into warmth and sun for the next 6 months.  Perfection in my book.

p.s. I find the need to change my blogs interface from time to time but right now I can’t seem to decide on one so don’t be surprised if it looks different later.

Visions of Autumn

I love Autumn.  It’s hot and cold at the same time.  The colors are exploding around me and that sweet smell of decaying leaves takes me back to happy childhood images.  It makes me feel Linus Van Peltish 🙂  So here are some of my visions of autumn from around town.

I love living on the East Coast.  The changing of the seasons is amazing.

We’ve reached “peak” for the colors and now we will be transitioning into winter.  Goodbye Autumn…it’s been another fabulous year!

Was That Michael Myers Behind That Tree?

Last night Bean and I went to our friend Wonder Woman’s house for dinner.  The food was yummy and we played a card game and had a ton of laughs.  Let’s face it Wonder Woman is fun.  It was a school night and I still needed to do my homework so we left early.

On the way home we passed by this Golf Course and when I looked out over the fairway it there was this heavy fog that lingered just above the ground.  It was like something out of a Halloween movie.  It was beautiful and I wished I could have just stood in the middle of it all just taking it all in.  The red light turned green and the moment passed.  It was amazing though.  The whole ride home was filled with glimpses of fog dancing here and there.  One point there was a dense fog that stretched over the road in front of me.  I could see the iridescent sign that signaled a sharp curve coming up and I thought of all those horror films of years gone by.  Beyond the sign was a historic cemetery.

So far this has been an amazing Halloween Adventure this month!

Here are some pictures of Autumn that I took.
I can’t wait for this weekend because it’s going to be peak season from the Autumn Leaves in our area.  I’m lucky to live to live in such a beautiful place 🙂