Trump’s Fourth of July Parade

So the President who dodged the draft over and over wants a military parade to show the world our military prowess.  Why do all of these pathetic men need to show force as though it’s patriotic.  What makes this pPresident particularly stupid is he dodged the draft during the Vietnam war.  He came out publicly and sad he never agreed with the Vietnam war.   Now he wants to show his manciples (my new made up word for his man+disciples).  And now he wants it with more tanks.

This fiasco is going to cost American’s about or more than his golf outings since becoming President.   If you don’t like being compared to Hitler all of the time then STOP acting like Hitler all of the time.  People in cages without due process, hanging out with and praising other despots and attacking the press and anyone one who doesn’t worship you particularly.    These are all ideals held by Hitler for Hitler.  His people blindly worshiped him and looked the other way when he ruined the country and the world.

When will Americans wake up.  Let’s face it he’s a big disappointment.  Seriously though, was the G20 Summit the best day for “Take your daughter to work day”?  She made America look like they thought they were at the Mensa Conference for INBREEDS!

Because of his fragile ego, Trump’s staff had the USS John McCain moved because just the name upset his fragile ego.  How much did that cost American Taxpayers?!?

This parade isn’t about American Patriotism but what Donald Trump wants the world to see.  He wants them to quake in there boots once the behold the spectacle of military glory on Pennsylvania Avenue.  We are living in the age of the Twitter President.  The look at me, look at me, view the world has of the USA.  In the 2020 election,  we need to think less Reality TV show President and more who will do OUR business.  This is OUR Country.  This is BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE America.  It’s time to stand up and say BS to the billionaires who tell you that the rich will share and trickle down their profits to you.  They will NEVER share their wealth, not ever.  They try to screw each other out of their wealth why would you think they would share with you.  Stop believing the lies of the rich.

We don’t need to have a parade of tanks going down Pennsylvania Avenue (that will destroy the road by the way) to make us feel Pride in America.  We need a real leader to look up too.  A leader who we are not ashamed of or embarrassed to represent WE THE PEOPLE.  We need a first family who doesn’t see a profit model in every Executive decision.  It would be nice not to have to pay for grown children to conduct private business on THE PEOPLE’S dime.

Imagine a better America than the one being run by a family of white trash rich people.




We have this bush in our backyard and it’s blooming for the first time since we moved in.  It’s rather beautiful.

I’m so excited!!!

Remember to be Kind today.


So the President and the Trumplicans in the House and Senate are all into hiding what the Mueller Report shows.  The reality of this situation is…if the President is exonerated as he’s tweeted over and over again and that there was “No Collusion” then he would just release the redacted report to the press and the citizenry.  The reality is more to the point it probably doesn’t.  It probably shows that the President and his staff and family acted in a less than moral/legal way during and after the election of 2016.  He’s ashamed of what the MR reveals about him as a person and a leader.  Like we didn’t know he was the SHADIEST MAN IN AMERICA.  Wealth does not bring intelligence.  It gives you avenues to the best education but not intelligence per se.

The same goes with his tax returns.  He doesn’t want them released because there will be connections with Russian Businesses and such.  The other side and probably the real reason he doesn’t want them to be release is his pride.  He isn’t and was never a good businessman.  If you don’t read, say, contracts well you are going to get hosed.  Also, it would reveal that he defaulted on loans, lots of them.  He’s a man of no Character or self rebuke.  He thinks he’s a genius in all there is in the Universe.  He’s not really.  Mr. Trump has and will always be a very, very small man with a very, very high opinion of himself.  The fact he refers to himself in the third person often is just a showcase of all that is Donald J. Trump.

The scary part is that his base follow him like a Cult Leader with Koolaid.  They rally like Nazi’s with no irony to be found.   They hug the flag one minute then walk around in pants that are the flag.   They are a weird angry bunch.

Let us keep in perspective what’s happened over the last few weeks.  North Korea and Russia are thumbing their noses at Trump/America.  Trump has ratcheted up his trade war with our largest trade partner China, aggressive weather fueled by Climate Change is decimating Middle America and there were several shootings by mentally ill, angry Domestic Terrorists against places of Worship and Schools.  Yet we do nothing to stop it.  Thoughts and Prayers for it all.

To Mr. Trump…grow up you sad pathetic easily manipulated fool.  Everyone manipulates you because you have no opinions of your own.  You can’t read and you lack any character that would tell you what is right and what is wrong.  Be the man you’ve told everyone you believe you are and stop lying about everything!

Another Day….Another Shooting

Another attempted slaughter in a house of worship by a pathetic weak and ridiculous person in San Diego this weekend.  The slaughter was interrupted by a jammed weapon and the quick action of , Oscar Stewart, retired Army and others.  In the end Lori Gilbert-Kaye was left dead with many others injured which included a child.

This was an anti-Semitic attack brought on by the manipulation of the weakest of our population.  Ineffectual white men who feel victimized by society.  They’ve been programmed by Fox News, the NRA and The Russian Infiltrators in America to believe they are being destroyed and taken over.  Of course, this is simply not true but the weakest of minds will believe anything.  Just look at our President.  The weakest of all white (or orange) men in America.  Easily manipulated and easily controlled by people who make him feel they were all his ideas.  Not to worry…he issued his standard “Thoughts and Prayers” via tweet.  Like I said WEAK!

“Anti-Semitic violence grows out of white nationalism & the myth of white genocide that was sown to split black & Jewish people from building relationships for equality. White nationalism is not just anti-Jew, Muslim & black & brown. It’s anti-democracy itself.” ~ Rev. Dr. Barber, Tweet.

So the crazies of America go out and make war on the Jews, Blacks, Muslims and Immigrants (only the brown ones) to prove their point valid.  It is NOT valid.  Just look at the militias on the border.  These are self-appointed bands of “army” who take it upon themselves to do their self-proclaimed idea of Justice.  They are not sanctioned by the American Government or States but act as though they are sanctioned.  They are bands of crazy people with guns.  They are mostly white men.

There is no way to stop the slaughter of our citizenry without some kind of common sense gun Legislation.  It’s easier for me to purchase a gun than it is to get a driver’s license.  Heck, it’s more difficult to get a fishing license in America.

American’s should have cared when 6 year olds were mowed down by a mentally ill white youth at Sandy Hook Elementary.  All we got were “Thoughts and Prayers”.  Enough of that crap!   How about we realize that we have a DOMESTIC TERRORIST problem in America.  It consists of self perceived white males with mental health issues being able to casually purchase weapons of mass destruction.

The Deniers?

So President Trump’s latest nightmare of his own creation is the Vote today in the Senate concerning the fake “National Emergency”.  It’s not really a national emergency in any sense of the world Emergency.  It’s an ongoing problem…not emergency.  A structure will not stop the people from coming over.  The Border Wall will be tied up for a very long time in the courts on the “Emanate Domain” issue.  Lawsuits have already been filed against this monument to stupidity.  But I digress.

Reasonable citizen of America would agree that border security needs an update.  That being said, it’s more about people and technology and very little with structures that can be made benign with a good ladder.

Today Trump tweeted his need for the “National Emergency” and using his first veto to override the will of Congress and Americans (who don’t watch Fox News Channel).  He called Democrats “Border Deniers”, HA HA HA.  I found that so funny.

No, Mr. Trump, they aren’t deniers they just have a great compass for bull crap!

You know what is about to be a real National Emergency?  Our Economic implosion.  Anyone remember 2008?  I do…I lost half the value of my home.  People I know lost their homes.  Now this moron who is a supposed “Businessman” has cut taxes for the wealthy, become the king of Tariffs that caused farmers to lose massive contracts for their crops to China and other countries.  Those contracts were eagerly snapped up by other countries thrilled for the in.  Are you ready for another recession?

Maybe if Trump wasn’t playing so much golf and having so much Executive time he would understand that running a Country into the ground isn’t the same as running his business into the ground.

When Will The Killing Stop In America? Never.

We all know details about the Las Vegas Shooting this past week.  The glorification of the shooter, whose name I will never commit to memory because that’s really what was his end goal.   The news outlets are looking for reasons why this happened.  Let me narrow it down for them.  These guns and ammunition should never have been made available to anyone not serving in the Military or Law Enforcement.    They serve no real purpose to the average American.  You can not use them for hunting or safety.   Why did this White, middle-aged man lose his buttons?  What was his motive?  It’s simple, he wanted to be noticed.  Thanks to the glorification of the News Media he will be.

Members of Congress have offered prayers and episodes of shock about what happened.  Really?  When you vote to make it easier for people to access weaponry they shouldn’t you aren’t allowed to feign shock and sadness.  After Sandy Hook we thought this would have been addressed…after Pulse Nightclub Shooting, we thought this would be addressed…now after Las Vegas Massacre, we think this will be addressed.  The truth is the WHORES of Congress lay in bed with the NRA and like lobby groups.  They take money for their deeds so that does indeed make them Whores.

The White House’s response is “It’s not the time to talk about gun control”.  Really Mr. Trump…when is it the right time…when one of your children are placed in the same situation those concert goers were?

I believe in the Constitution, which is why I believe in the Second Amendment.  I also believe that if you own a gun for protection and you can’t defend yourself with 6 bullets, you probably shouldn’t own a gun.

Sean Hannity over at Fox News believes if he was there…outside the hotel room and the guy wasn’t able to shoot anymore bullets then he could have taken him out because he is trained in the use of firearms.  Um…What?!?

The truth is that this shooter had multiple weapons.  Some were modified to fire hundreds of rounds.  Another person with a gun would never have survived an encounter with this shooter.  The body count would have been greater.  You see a psycho/sociopath look for these moments to show just how over the edge they can be.

To all those who think owning a gun will make you safer…that’s the true delusion.  You are more likely to be killed with your own gun than by someone else with a gun.  Congress didn’t learn when Steve Scalise was shot.  All they took out of that shooting was the man didn’t like Conservatives.

When will the killing stop?  Never.  When Congress did nothing of value after the slaughter of Children at Sandy Hook that was the moment we all should have realized that the NRA own our Congress and our weak and ineffectual President drools over the organization because of his insecurity of a lack of perceived masculinity.

How about, as Americans we answer the question…”Why did this tragedy happen?”  The answer is…”It happened because Auto/Semi Automatic weaponry and ammunition shouldn’t be available for legal purchase.

Truth is it won’t stop murders from happening but it will stop the wholesale slaughters like those that happened in Las Vegas, Sandy Hook and Orlando.