Wait What?!?

So it’s April and it’s still snowing.  Sure it’s not like January snow, or in this case, March Madness snow but seriously?!?

I’m kind of ready for this mess to be over.  So in that vein…it’s going to rain the rest of the week, LOL.  Oh, lucky me!!!

In other news….I totally scored an awesome Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny this year!  Yeah Me!!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve been of Irish Decent my whole life and although I’m actually American by nationality if you have an ounce of Irish blood coursing through your veins you remain always an Irishman in heart and blood!  So go get a drink…kick up your heels and Kiss someone just because they are Irish!

IMG_9057 (400x300)We had some St. Patrick’s Day snow arrive this morning.  It wasn’t a bad snow storm.  We got 1-3″ of snow but after a long winter of snow it has really gotten very old all of this snow.

Spring is only days away and we get warm days and then Winter is all “Hey Girl Hey”.  I’m ready for spring.  I’m sick of mud and salty roads and what not.  Bring on the green grass, leafy trees, beautiful flowers and yes…sneezing!  I’m ready for it!

Who knows, we may get another snow storm this month but at least I know it’s coming to an end, Wahoo!!!


A Taste of Spring

It was extra tasty!  We’ve had snow at least once a week for months now.  This weekend we got a much-needed break from the white stuff.  To top it off it was in the upper 50’s!  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went outside.  We ventured to the Arboretum and it was amazing!
IMG_8606 (400x300)

It was so nice to be outside with Bean and just enjoying FRESH air!

IMG_8639 (400x300)

There was still plenty of snow about but the warm sun on our faces made up for it.

IMG_8638 (400x300)

IMG_8613 (400x300)

It was warm enough for the ducks and swans to be back out on the pond.  The Arboretum houses them in the Fernery during extreme cold in the winter.  This poor guy (Goose) gets to be outside in the extreme temps.  He seems to have held up okay though.

IMG_8636 (300x400)

We weren’t the only ones getting outside.  The Arboretum was filled with other like-minded folks.

IMG_8594 (400x300)

This lady even took time to read on one of the dry benches 😉

IMG_8637 (400x300)

It was only a little taste of spring but it was enough to help us remember that winter’s grip is lessening.  Soon we will be able to walk in the Rose Gardens and through the Train Depot.  Two of my favorite things to do with my favoritest Gal!