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Memorial Day – Remembering

Memorial Day isn’t really a day about parades and picnics.  It’s about remembering those service persons who fought for the idea of freedom and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  People like SSG Larry S. Pierce.

SSG Pierce was awarded the CMH.  He was only 24 when he lost his life to protect his fellow soldiers.  Thank you SSG Pierce and his family.  America owes you a debt of gratitude.

In my town the local Post sponsors a parade, picnic and Memorial which includes reading the list of fallen from Our Town.  Remembering our heroes.

I’m proud of Our Town.

Vacation Post # 3 – People of the Beach

The beach offers an amazing time of people watching.  Sometimes they do amazing things.  Sometimes they just are fun to watch and sometimes they make for a great picture.

img_1975-400x300 img_1976-300x400 img_1977-400x300 img_2044-400x300

img_2294-400x300 sam_0118-400x300 sam_6701-400x300 sam_6705-400x300

So many memories of excellent vacations.  And all of these people are part of my memories of a wonderful time at the Jersey Shore 2016.  Thank you all!

Vacation – Post #2 – On The Beach

I love the beach.  I love to take pictures.  Here are some of the pictures I took of the Beach.







It’s always nice to see the kinds swimming and jumping the waves.  Reminds me of my childhood.



Who doesn’t love seagulls?


The calm before the storm…Hermine hasn’t hit yet so the water perfect.


There was a plane celebration at the Cape May Airport so we got to see lots of vintage planes flying on the beach line.  This WWII Bomber was an amazing sight.


Flags were a big sight this year.  Many folks flew their college favors flags.


I can’t wait until I post The People of the Beach.  So many fun folks this year!

Vacation Diary – Post #1 – Alpaca Love!

We head to the Jersey Shore every year on vacation to soak up the Sun and Surf.  Our Realtors are Jerry and Norm never disappoint when finding us the right location for our adventures.  They are awesomeness times a quadrillion!!!  Love these guys!








Each year we also like to incorporate one thing we have never done before into the mix of sightseeing and vacation adventures.  This year…I give you the Alpaca!


This is Oliver!


I can’t remember all of their names but I remember Oliver because he knows his name and loves to take selfies and other photos!  Oh and he’s way cuter than the Kardashians!




Kiss me you fool!!


Actually she just wanted some carrots.  The high point of my visit was me asking Lightning if he would say Welcome To New Jersey (he was honking and being verbal).  His response was to spit on me, HA HA HA!  Yup, that’s seems like a fair Jersey welcome, lol!  If you get a chance to visit the South Jersey Area stop by Jersey Shore Alpacas!

Hey I Went Outside Today!

It has been so hot this summer and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time for outside time.  Today I made sure even though we are in a heat advisory I went outside…even if it were only for 15 minutes.

IMG_5275 (300x400)

I went to the Arboretum where I am a member.  I highly recommend this if you can do it.  I was able to spend the most awesome 15 minutes ever.

IMG_5282 (300x400)

IMG_5283 (300x400)

IMG_5276 (300x400)

IMG_5297 (300x400)

The thing I loved the most today was the discover of the Milkweeds with their pods growing big and healthy!
IMG_5277 (300x400)

I can’t wait for Autumn when the burst open and send their wishes flying!

IMG_5278 (300x400)

It was a really good 15 minutes.  I miss nature…I need to make more time for it 😉

French Onion Soup Project – Volume #6

We went to a local place over the weekend for some tasty treats.  MaGerk’s is a pub like atmosphere with Draft beers but also offers a Seafood Steampot.  I highly recommend the Cheese Steak Nachos!

French Onion Soup was on the menu so of course I must take the challenge and get it.  It was very good.

IMG_5150 (300x400)

It wasn’t too salty and the cheese was perfect.  I’m not a fan of Sharp Provolone cheese on my FOS and was very happy this fair didn’t have any of that.  The cheese was perfectly melted and the bread in the broth was just the right amount.  There is nothing worse than breaking through the cheese to find one wet piece of bread and no broth.  Kudos Chef at MaGerk’s.  You’ve done a fine job!

On the FOSP meter I give it a solid 4+’s

A Visit To Ralphie’s House aka The Christmas Story House

This past weekend I had a big birthday.  One of those kinds of Birthday’s that you do something expensive.  I had my choice of what I wanted to do.  ‘A party?’…No thank you.  ‘A Trip?’…yes a trip might be nice.  ‘Hawaii?’…no I was just at the beach.  ‘You like Disney World’.  Yes I do, but I’ve been there many times (although it is a Magical place I will return too).  ‘Where would you like to go?’ my wife asked me.  I got on Trip Advisor and that’s when it hit me, Ralphie’s House!!!  She said, ‘Are you sure?’.  Yes I was sure so she packed me in the car and off we went to the land of Drew Carey….CLEVELAND!


The Christmas Story House is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was so much FUN.  Frank Smith, our tour guide, was filled with one story after another about the making of the film, the cast and the neighborhood.  He had us laughing and smiling the whole time.


There whole house was refurbished to the 1940’s look after it was purchased by Mega Fan Brian Jones.  He and his wife made this a really awesome place to visit.  Fun and exciting and well…FUN!


There wasn’t anything that I didn’t experience in this house.  The Lamp in the window (you can touch practically everything).  The Red Ryder BB Gun, sit on the sofa while holding a ‘blue ball’ or stand by the Christmas tree and get your picture taken.


I even got under the sink where Randy waited for Daddy to come home and kill Ralphie, lol.


I’m making this face because Mrs. Schwartz is yelling at me on the phone.  When we were out in the back yard I could hear a train whistle of in the yonder…just like in the movie!

If you are in Cleveland, around Cleveland or thinking of something to do…go to Cleveland and see Ralphie’s House.  Tell Frank I said Hi!!!

Vacation – Part VI – The Last of It All

This installment is just a bunch of random pictures of weird and fun stuff.

IMG_1700 (400x300)

We had a massive rainstorm roll through one night.  When we went to the beach there were “lakes” all over the beach.  This was just one of them.  Thankfully The Wildwoods are known for their large beaches.  It was pretty cool though.

SAM_4054 (400x300)

This is the smallest car I’ve ever seen!

IMG_1405 (400x300)

This father got stuck carrying everything back from the beach while his family went home carrying nothing.  Poor Beach Dad 😦

IMG_1228 (400x300)

The seagulls were pretty good this year.  Not annoying and very picturesque.

IMG_1727 (400x300)

You are never too old to paddle board in the ocean as proven by this gentleman!

IMG_1257 (400x300)

This aero-banner read…”Amy, Will You Marry Me?  JK…Beer Me”.  The best advert of the summer vacation!

IMG_1715 (400x300)

So the answer to the questions “How many people are on the parachute is?”  Three!

IMG_1710 (400x300)

This boat isn’t as close to the swimmers as it looks 🙂

SAM_4048 (400x300)

Even after 100 years the sunken ship of Cape May is still visible.  Well at low tide.  It’s a yearly tradition to go see it at Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ.

IMG_1753 (300x400)

The previous renters forgot their photo booth pictures.   I thought about leaving our picture behind for the people renting after us to go with this one.

IMG_1448 (400x300)

It was another amazing vacation.  I miss the smell of salty air, the ocean and just the laid back restful pace of it all.  Until next year…I will miss you Atlantic Ocean!

Vacation – Part II – The People of the Beach

I love to people watch at the beach.  Sometimes it’s a good thing.  Like this brother helping his sisters have fun in the ocean.

IMG_1417 (400x300) IMG_1418 (400x300)

They were so cute to watch.  All three made the most of the ocean that day.  There are other times when you just can’t unsee what has been seen.  Like this woman’s unfortunate bathing suit choice.

IMG_1272 (400x300)


Other times it is just the Fudgey Wudgey Man who makes the happiness on a very, very hot day!

IMG_1261 (400x300)

There are times that try one’s patience too.  These two fools from New York were sitting next to us being all loud and annoying.  When they left for the day this is what they left behind.

IMG_1428 (400x300) IMG_1429 (400x300)

Seriously…what losers!!!  Not to worry my wife cleaned up the mess and put the cans & bottle into the recycle container that was located only 25 ft. from this disaster.

Sometimes I wonder why people go to the beach if this is what they are going to do the entire time…

IMG_1714 (400x300)

Over all there was a lot of folks just enjoying the times away from work or home and relaxing.

IMG_1267 (400x300) IMG_1269 (400x300) IMG_1412 (400x300) IMG_1703 (400x300)

Tomorrow I will share with you the Jersey version of Baywatch!

Vacation – Went To The Beach, Beach, Beach

Every year my Wife sings her song called “Going to the Beach, Beach, Beach” just before we go on vacation.  I love it!  This year she added Chip-n-Dale’s “We’re On Vacation” song which is a kicky little ditty!  Every year we have a tradition to put Bobby Rydell’s song Wildwood Days on the radio when we pull into Wildwood for Vacation.  This year we sang it loudly!!!

IMG_1294 (400x300)

My next couple of posts will be vacation posts.  This picture starts it all off with seeing the dolphins.  If you look closely you can see it just below the boat.  These guys were hard to capture on camera but I did get this one picture.

IMG_1387 (400x300)

The water was perfect and it was hot, hot, hot on the beach with a wonderfully refreshing breeze.  Leaving it each day was so difficult.  One day we stayed until almost 7 pm.  Even then I didn’t want to leave it!

IMG_1483 (300x400) IMG_1448 (400x300)

We had one hazy day but it made for some neat pictures.

IMG_1680 (400x300)

Tomorrow I will regale you with my pictures of The People of the Beach.