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I’m Concerned

This weekend saw so many historic moments.  On Friday, January 20, 2017, the 45th President of the United States of America was sworn into office.  Barack Obama became former President Barack Obama and he and his family moved on to their next adventure in life.

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 people marched on Washington, DC and other major cities in our Country.  The theme was Women’s Rights.  I watched so many of my friends marching all over this country of ours and it was amazing.  Unless of course you are one of those nay-sayers who can’t understand what the march is about.  Why do women need MORE rights than they do already?  They’ve got plenty.

This new administration and mostly it’s GOP counterparts have decided it’s important to attack the parts of our government that are about women.  Defunding Planned Parenthood over the abortion issue is absolutely moronic.  First, PP only offers abortion in 1% of its clinics.  Second, defunding PP puts poor women (mostly from the south) at health risks because of no money for pap smears, mammograms, routine physical and other issues.  It also puts their poor children at risk.  Most of Congress is made up of men.  It explains why our country spent about $100 million on Viagra.


It spawned this little meme on FB.

Men do not understand women…never have.  We spend almost 57% of our overall budget on Defense spending.  We have millions for phallic symbols of aggression and might but no money to protect and feed the poor in our country.  The poor are lazy and useless and undeserving.  Right?

Women today still make much less than their male counter parts.  It doesn’t matter which field of employment, it’s been documented.  Men in our country would like to see Women barefoot and pregnant but without the responsibility on their end for the family or the woman.  This is also document in articles and research.  This is the modern man.  I’m not saying all men are like this but from the people interviewed and some of the male responses on Twitter and Facebook it is slim pickings out their girls.


President Trump and his machismo attitude and disrespect of women is also documented.  What spawned this diatribe was the fact on two occasions during the inauguration he left his wife Melenia essentially in the dust.  44 and 43 are well-respected by the community regarding their relationships with their wives.  We loved to see them interact.  It was a wonderful thing.  If 45 treats his wife as an after thought why would anyone think he wouldn’t do the same with all women.  JS.

The World Is A Mess Garp

This morning I’m reading the news and I realized this world is getting worse by the minute.  Let me narrow down my angst.  Donald Trump!


Is this really the best the GOP can come up with to run our country.  I get that people like that he speaks his mind.  That’s great.  He can because he’s a billionaire.   So if he goes to Washington and acts/speaks the same way as does now what does he think is going to happen.  Look who is in Congress…millionaires.  They do not care if he wants something.  He degrades women, anyone not white and thinks his Military School attendance is the same as being in the Military.

All I’ve got to say is oh my goodness.  I might really have to vote for Smokey The Bear because at least he’s good in a crisis, lol.

Stop Trying To Kill Me With Your Smell!

This is just going to be a rant against those people who over perfume and over cologne.  Seriously people some of us have allergies to your stank!  Although you think your fragrance is exotic and alluring all it is to me is an awful attack of allergies followed by a massive headache.

Men are heartily guilty of over doing the cologne.  They splash it on like after shave.  Boys…cologne is not after shave.  They then wipe their hands on their shirt or jacket and the smell doubles.  It’s not sexy…it’s smelly.  Over powering smelly.

It isn’t just men who make this mistake, women are just as guilty in my watery eyes as the men.  When I was younger and starting to do girly things my Mother taught me the “spray and walk into the mist” method.  It works.  You get just the right amount of perfume and it’s spread out so it tends not to be over powering.  How about the old a dab behind each ear method?  Equally as successful and keeps the fragrance to a minimum for those of us who do not want to participate in your hygiene.

So to end this little tantrum…let’s keep it in perspective people.  Not everyone loves the way you smell so to force you stink on everyone isn’t very fair.  So I promise not to fart all over the place if you keep the cologne to a spritz…deal?

Dear Abby…You’re Gone and I’m Sad…

Dear Abby,

I read you died today.  You will be missed.  I hope those on the other side take some of your advice.

Sorry You Died

I read the news today that Pauline Friedman Phillips died.  I was sad.  Many would know her by her more famous name…Abigail Van Buren (AKA Dear Abby).  She was 94 and suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Growing up I always went to her column (or twin sister Ann Landers) first.  Even before reading the comics.  I love to see what was plaguing the masses and was always intrigued by her advice.  I didn’t always agree with it but I found it interesting.  I’ll never forget The Brady Bunch show’s homage to Dear Abby with the episode that featured “Dear Libby”.  So many years of advice, so many fond memories.

Bean’s Not So Fun Reading Experience

Bean likes to read.  She likes to try all kinds of topics whether Fiction, Romance, Real Life or in this case Mysteries.  Her last selection was “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie.  What she didn’t know when starting this book was that it would hold a mystery of its own.

Bean was almost at the end of her book when suddenly she went from page 242 to Chapter 2.  What you say? Back to Chapter 2, well that’s just crazy talk.  Yet that is exactly what happened.

Exhibit b

We had been shopping at three different bookstores and couldn’t remember which one we got it at or where the receipt was so ever so MacGuyverish Bean decided to head over to B&N.  There she read the twenty-five or so missing pages and thus was able to finish the mystery of “And Then There Were None”.

So much for Book Quality Control.  I just found it very funny that this mess up happened to a mystery book almost to say here you have the mystery of the missing pages!  All is well in the world now.  Bean is currently reading a book with all of it’s pages intact, lol.

Feeling In A Black Mood

Sometimes the Universe shits all over you.  Today was that kind of day!

It Broke

A couple of days ago I had a case of the dropsies.  Now I have a case of the brokesies.  What the heck is going on in the universe around me? And yes…..I’m making up words again!

  • Broken Tooth
  • Broken Car
  • Broken Night’s Sleep
  • Broken Cookie – This one was truly tragic.

I need things to be normal again Elements of the Universe or as the Irish say….You Murphy give it a rest already…please?

The Wife Is Always Right

Okay…I’m saying this for the world…This is what happens when you don’t listen to your wife…

It’s called sun poison.  It’s painful and annoying.  She told me not to sit in the direct sun.  She was right and I was wrong.

It’s Snowing…Bring on the Jackholes

Oh, I don’t blame you for laughing.  Seriously…are you kidding me with more snow?  Oh please don’t give me…’Ah, but it’s winter silly’.  Yes I know it’s winter…I’m freezing my ass off but when Mother Nature gives you 2 days of 70 degree weather the body and mostly the mind start sliding into that rejoicing hymn called Spring.
It’s a rather cruel trick MN plays on us.  We got about 4″ but by the time I headed out to work it was starting to melt.  You know after we shoveled the driveway, lol.
What I will never understand is why people drive crazy when the weather is foul.  As I was driving into work there was this chick in a blue car who was driving extremely fast (Hello its slippery out there moron) and then she was driving my ass when I refused to go 50 mph.  Yes the road was plowed and salted but one slick spot and that’s all it takes to smash-up your car people.  I wasn’t driving 5 mph I was going about 35 and since that was the actual posted speed limit I thought I was good.  Frickin’ people!  I don’t wish her physical harm I just hope she slides and it scares her enough so she shits her pants.  Yeah…I’m mean like that!

Well at least my nemesis Hurricane Schwartz is having a good day, lol 🙂

WTF Begins With Ice and Phil

Yet another winter storm plowed through our burg and this time instead of snow…it was ice.

A little taste of Narnia

The plus too all of this it will wash away most of the snow that we got the last week.  Willow loved that snow but I’m done with it.

Willow was digging the surprise 14.5" we got last week

Our heavy snow from last week

Thankfully though Puxatawney Phil saw his shadow and spring will be here soon.  Or it will be here in 6 weeks like it’s listed on the calendar.  It’s just a crap shoot people!