On A Warm Day

I got outside at lunchtime today.  One of my favorite places to visit is Morris Arboretum.  There were quite a few people there today.  It is 50 degrees and that makes those who have been hibernating want to burst out of their caves.

The temps are going to continue to rise this weekend and I’m going to take full advantage of them!

I’m ready now for the warmer days.  Not to warm because I want it to be spring…not summer!

I’m just glad we aren’t getting that snow that is hitting the Midwest today and tomorrow!


Toby…Ya Got Me!

Yesterday a nor’easter named Toby hit our little burg.  He wasn’t too bad.  Enough for a snow day at home but not so evil as to be extremely heavy wet snow.

I was giving my dramatic reaction to Hurricane Schwartz’s SNOMAGEDDON!!

We shoveled out last night about 9 pm.  It was still snowing but we wanted a fighting chance for the morning commute.  The car wasn’t too covered this morning.  It was about another 3/4″ to clear off.

Puppy was wondering where is this elusive Spring she kept hearing about.  She is not much of a lover of precipitation in general, lol.

We have some really neat homes near us.  This is one of my favorite to take pictures of in the seasons.  It is like a Thomas Kincaid painting when it snows.  We survived our 4th nor’easter this winter/spring.  Yay us!

Cheesecake Factory of Mordor

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch over the weekend.  I hadn’t been there since it first opened so this was different for me.  But when did the Eye of Sauron instill itself at the Cheesecake Factory?

The Eye of Sauron?

The Eye of Sauron?

The food was good but I’ve found that my tastes are changing once again.  I used to eat spicy food all the time but now it almost kills me.  I mean that figuratively not literally.  So getting the enchiladas was probably a bad idea.  They were  tasty but spicy.

IMG_7749 (400x300)

IMG_7750 (400x300)

IMG_7752 (400x300)

IMG_7757 (300x400)

Seriously who would ever get low fat cheesecake?  What is the point?

IMG_7762 (400x300)

I got the Dulce de Leche cheesecake.  I’m not much for sweets but this was surprising light and fluffy for cheesecake.  The Eye of Sauron Cheesecake Factory has many magics in its kitchen apparently.  We had a great time chatting and eating.  It was a good day all around.

Hey Look I Went Outdoors ;)

This weekend was lovely.  Cool in the shade with a little heat in the sun.  I even got a bit of odd sunburn.  It was only on one side of my neck.  Weird but then again that’s how we roll in the Shire.

IMG_7717 (300x400) IMG_7723 (400x300)

Who doesn’t like dancing/singing men playing an accordion and wearing bells.  Ah May Day, you are FABULOUS!

IMG_7730 (300x400)

This poor Green lad just walked back and forth.  I think he was missing his home planet.

IMG_7734 (400x300)

This is Aunt Fanny…She was tired and decided to lay in the middle of the road.  I was cracking up.

IMG_7745 (400x300)

This fella is Guinness.  He’s from Brewerytown.  Very cleaver naming of your dog Mister!

IMG_7746 (400x300)

How come no one ever carries me around on their shoulder?  Oh right, I’m not a little dog, lol.

IMG_7729 (400x300)

It was nice seeing all the dogs…oh and the people watching was awesome this year!  Tomorrow I will share the food.  I also learned that the Eye of Sauron is housed at the Cheesecake Factory.  Who knew?

Oh, What A Beautiful Weekend!

This weekend was picture perfect.  I think I’m getting all drunk with two weekends in a row being sunny and beautifully filled with Spring time.

IMG_7460 (400x300)

My favorite flowering tree this time of year is the great Magnolia.  So beautiful and the petals are so soft.

IMG_7457 (400x300)

The arboretum is hosting “Big Bugs” now thru August.  Really I thought they were live bugs before I saw that they are Big Bug sculptures.

IMG_7467 (300x400)

I also discovered that St. Francis is really the patron Saint of animals.  These Geese were all about hanging out near his statue.

IMG_7543 (400x300)

Along our journey we came about these beautiful flowers called “Common Bleeding-Hearts” in the Grotto.

IMG_7520 (400x300)

I’d like to thank my lovely assistant Bean…she’s the bestest!

IMG_7478 (400x300)

I’ve said this before but this is one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten.  I love this place so much and since I have a membership I can go back as many times as I want.  It’s my spot 🙂

Spring? I’ll Call It SPINTER

Today we are having a late season snowstorm.  It’s really cool.  I don’t mind these kinds of snowstorms because they look beautiful but don’t really cause problems on the roads.

On Friday, I took this picture of Spring.

See the lady bug?

See the lady bug?

See it now?

See it now?

I thought to myself we are on our way to warmer temps…Not so fast little one…how about some more of winter.

IMG_7116 (400x300)
So in conclusion…Snowy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down…or not because I love snow…BAZINGA!

Proof Working For Government Makes People Crazy

So I’m reading my news stories this morning and there was this headline that caught my eye…

Ohio prosecutor seeks death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil after bad forecast

Seriously this Michael Gmoser thought going to the press with this silliness was a good career move?   I can only imagine him running for political office in the future.  ‘Hey weren’t you that guy who wanted to kill the groundhog?  What is with the state of Ohio?  Sure at the end of the interview he says…“This is a story that has legs,” Gmoser joked. “I hope everyone understands it’s tongue-in-cheek…”.  Dude it is a bad joke that will end up causing you more problems than you had intended.  Just look at the headline!!!

So while this genius got the press together to present his grievances against PHIL and threaten him with the death penalty I’d like to point out the big joke that Punxsutawney towns folk know all the time and get a chuckle from…whether Phil sees his shadow or not…its still six weeks to spring, DUH!

PHIL 1, Crazy-Ohio-ADA 0!  Good luck with your future endeavors.