Seeing Jesus

So everyday on my drive to work I see this man who would 100% pass as the White Man Jesus.  Sometimes his hair is down and loose.

Sometimes he pulls it back out of his face.  He always wears sandals.  Sometimes he’s reading a book.  I’m guessing that it’s the New Testament…you know because he’s White Man Jesus.  I think if there is a morning I don’t see him I will panic a little.  You know, WMJ has had enough of White Crazy People and leave.  That would make me sad.


Wait What?!?

So it’s April and it’s still snowing.  Sure it’s not like January snow, or in this case, March Madness snow but seriously?!?

I’m kind of ready for this mess to be over.  So in that vein…it’s going to rain the rest of the week, LOL.  Oh, lucky me!!!

In other news….I totally scored an awesome Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny this year!  Yeah Me!!!

Happy President’s Day – A Diatribe

UPDATED:  How a day changes things.

Yesterday this happened:

“James Buchanan, who was at the helm as the United States careened into civil war, was dislodged from his position as our nation’s worst president by our current president, Trump.” I guess I was wrong.

I remember when Trump was running for President.  Mostly I remember saying if he got elected he would have to really do a lot to be a worse President than James Buchanan.  Well, he’s been President for over a year and well James Buchanan is looking pretty dang good.

Under Mr. Trump and his band of misfit toys (cabinet members/staff/Lacking of Proper Security Clearances) he’s taken America back to the 1940/50’s when Racism was outwardly tolerated.  A time when women had few rights when married (especially in the south).  When people were murdered (lynched) and it was deemed socially okay.  Churches/Synagogues burning (African-American/Jewish) were sanctioned and white men in power thought themselves untouchable.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence would have us all believe those were the good old’ days.  This is how I see America right now.  Our President reaps personal financial windfalls from his position.  Trump harped on his predecessor playing Golf and he would have not time as President to do the same.  Yet, he’s played more golf than any previous President in the same time period or over a tenure in office.  Not only that, he plays golf at his own establishments that cost the American Tax Payers approximately $100 million for 1 year of golf.

Mr. Pence wraps himself in his form of Christianity.  Evangelicals have given Mr. Trump a sanctioned pass.  Even though he is a known philanderer, liar, cheat and scoundrel he invokes Jesus and God with his “God Bless America” and they give him a pass.  I’m fairly certain no matter what form of Christianity you follow…that’s not a real thing.  Mr. Pence hates women in power.  He has told everyone how he can’t be in the presence of women when his wife isn’t around.  He’s afraid of being tempted I guess.  This is revealing in his lack of faith in Jesus that he will make the right choices.  It also shows his lack of self-control in all other matters in his life.  Is this really a person who should be Vice-President or even President?

The Republican Party is ridiculous any more.  The days of the calls for fiscal responsibility are gone.  They have been replaced with the days of Class Warfare.  The age where poor people are poor because they want to be and not because the deck is stacked against them.  The days where the wealthy are rewarded for their lack of paying any tax let alone their fair share.  We are back to the days of medical bankruptcy because Trump’s grand plan of destroying anything Obamaish is all that matters to him.  Instead of fixing and improving Obamacare we now live in the world of Trumpcare where only the wealthy can afford medical treatment.  Where pharmaceutical companies hold our health hostage because we can’t afford the medicines we need to be healthy.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would rather all of the poor folks just die off so it makes America Greater for people like them.

The Republican Party of today would also have you believe that all of the millions and millions of dollars taken from Gun Lobbies like the NRA isn’t blood money.  Thoughts and Prayers for all of the people killed by AR-15 Assault Rifles and other various guns.  It’s not the guns…it’s the people.  No…it’s the people who should never have military grade assault weapons.  That’s not even a Second Amendment issue.  It’s a common sense issue.  Ordinary citizens will never need an AR-15.  It’s a death weapon and nothing more.

Our Country is in the throes of being not relevant on the world’s stage.  Our President watches more TV than I do and tweets as though he is a Junior High Schooler.  He tries to bully everyone who disagrees with him.  He has no respect for anyone about anything that does not mirror his own opinion.  That opinion tends to be how great he is and if you don’t say he’s great then you suck.

Will Trump go down as the worst President in the history of the United States of America?  That is still to be determined.  It still would take a lot to be worse than James Buchanan who seemed to be okay with Civil War.  There are so many variables and so much time left in Trump’s first (or only) term as President.  Until then we deal with the fact that Trump plays a lot of golf, doesn’t start his work day until 11 am and works only until about 4 PM.  He watches endless Fox News which he deems as the only not “fake news” affiliate.  The world is a scarier place under Mr. Trump and his Republican band of misfits.

Happy President’s Day…I guess.

St. Katharine Drexel

We were attending a Craft Fair on the campus of the St. Katharine Drexel Shrine this past Saturday.  We decided to take the tour of the Shrine after hearing of its impending closure in January.  It seems they’ve sold the campus and are moving St. Katharine to somewhere in Philadelphia.

The campus is beautiful and the tributes to St. Katharine are amazing.

So much history and good works.

St. Katharine gave hope to the poor, Native Americans and African-Americans.  Providing healthcare and education to the poorest Americans.

I found this block in the walkway inspirational 🙂

To top it off they had a photo op with the Pope in the lobby.  How could is this place?  Um…VERY!  It’s sad that they campus is closing.  I’m glad I got to visit before that happened.  St. Katharine is an inspiration and gives me hope that not all rich people are greedy and soulless.  In today’s climate I wasn’t so sure about them.

Drunks Want Geeks To Join Their Cause

Okay at least that’s what I’m getting from the story in Philadelphia about the Beer Week party wanting to join forces with the Comic-Con weekend.  They share a weekend every year and wouldn’t it be awesome and fun if they just merged the two events into one big event?  Um no…no it wouldn’t.

First off as a self-declared Geek I’m not a big drinker.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciated a good beer.  I love beer in fact but what I don’t like is getting drunk and having a hangover.  There is no fun in that for me.

What I envision from the merge is a bunch of Drunken A-holes picking on my fellow Geeks who dress up in costume for a good time at the Con.  I love these people and I love that they get dressed up and in some cases take a bus or a train to the event and ride out the stares and the snickers so that they can just cut loose Comic-Con style with their peeps!  Lets add drunken fools into a mixture of my people.  You know, because drunks are always sweet in demeanor and never are mean or mean-spirited while under the influence of their drink or their drunken peers.

This too me is a recipe for disaster.  The one’s pushing this merger aren’t the Comic-Con people it is the Beer Week group. They would like to increase their numbers using the people who attended the Comic-Con.

“It would be a lot of fun,” says Philly Beer Week Executive Director Don Russell, who has his own alter ego — a local beer superhero known as Joe Sixpack. “I think we could really come up with some really killer beer-drinking event with comic book fans.”

Seriously I’m supposed to just take Don Russell’s word he dresses up as Joe six-pack (He doesn’t actually say anything about dressing up in the article just that he has an alter ego.)?  I have dressed up in a Batman Costume for all the world to see.  I’m proud of my outfit.  My hood is a little too big but I can work with it.  So Don here’s my picture…where is yours????

I Am Batman

I Am Batman

To conclude I dress up like superheros, play with action figures, collect comic books and live the dream all without doing a pub crawl.  BOOM!

God Said…Thou Shalt Not Be A Cheap Ass Bastard!

This week in lame ass news,  a waitress who posted the receipt below to reddit got fired for spreading the word of cheap ass people!

The controversy has made a mockery of the Pastor who left this little note on her receipt “I give God 10% why do you get 18”.  She’s said to be “heartbroken” and “upset” by what happened when this waitress posted her picture online and it went viral as does happen with the internet.  I have to agree with the waitress’ co-worker.  “If you write something you intend for people to read it.”

I’ve read many comments that were left for the various posts made about this Pastor.  Having once been a waitress I would have loved to have posted stuff about the cheap people who do stupid stuff like leave 0% tip.   Alas, Al Gore was just inventing the internet as we know it today and I had no place to put my outrage 😦

Yes there are times I experience bad service but on those occasions I will leave only 10 or 15% tip.  I know first hand many things factor into the service patrons receive and sometimes a bad day for me means a bad day for you…unfortunately.  Most waitress/waiters make under $3.00 an hour plus tips that are collected and logged for taxes.  You try being happy all the time when people abuse you and leave crappy or no tips.  In the case of Pastor Bell she had a party of 8 people…8!  They clearly didn’t order much because their bill was $34.93.  That means this waitress ran all over to service 8 people for no money.  Yeah…total fun.  This is why I over tip when I can…to make up for fools like this woman.

I’m not boycotting Applebee’s for their stupid mistake of firing the waitress because when you do that you hurt so many other people in the pursuit of justice.  Good people who work, do a good job for minimal pay and don’t deserve to be caught up in this mess.

In my mind’s eye this Pastor is the worst because she does my #1 Pet Peeve of all time!!!  She uses God to justify her actions.  Lady God doesn’t get 10%.  In fact God has never received one dang dime from you, the church, or any other so-called “person of God”.  When my church started putting suggestion for my donation and a separate box for 10% to God I put God’s 10% in a drawer in my bedroom just in case he came to collect.  Funny thing being Omnipotent he doesn’t have much need for material things.  I loath when people use Religion to justify their hate, opinions or in this case their cheapness.  I’m pretty sure God is in Heaven going …”Oh No She Didn’t!”.   But yes Big G…she did.

California Dreamin’ – The Dead Celebrity Addition

In California like almost every place in the world when you are no more your final resting place stands for eternity (or until they need the land).  However in California with all the celebrities there are Cemeteries like almost every where.  I Love, Love, Love Cemeteries.  My traveling companions were kind of intrigued by my passion for cemeteries.  It’s that kind of passion that is border line creepy with a big side of cool.  Really I like cemeteries because they have stories to tell.  I have visited cemeteries almost everywhere I’ve gone.  Someday I’ll do a post about them and share some of the most amazing sculptures in the world.  Today I blog about The Dead of L.A.

There are two religious cemeteries in Culver City.  Across the street from our hotel was the beautiful Jewish Hillside Memorial Cemetery.   It is a spectacular array of gardens that just envelope you with serenity when you walk around.  Here are buried so many celebrities from the past that gave us the entertainment we all enjoyed.

DJ AM - Adam Goldstein had a tragic end. He survived a plane crash and his life never quite got back on track. He died way to young.

When you enter the cemetery there is this grand waterfall. At the very top is the grave site of Al Jolson. It is the most magnificent sepulcher I've ever seen.

There are so many buildings and so many celebrities.  I wish I could post them all but here are more highlights.

Dinah Shore

Mr. Aaron Spelling we miss you most of all. If it wasn't for you and your creations from the 70's, 80's and 90's. My friends and I would have never been able to play Charlie's Angels until dark. Goodbye and Thank you!

Bean made an interesting about our trip to the cemetery.  She said this is probably as close to celebrities as we will get visiting California.  She was correct.  These celebrities were cool because they had lives of endless stories just waiting be told and heard.