The New Normal

I recently noticed the subtle changes around my home because of the New Normal.

When I come home this is where I put my keys and Masks I use during the week.  I have other masks for around the house.

I went outside to try and see the Blue Angels safely.  Alas, I wasn’t in the flight path so sadness.  Gloves and masks rule the day.  Someone please explain this to VP Mike Pence who hates Americans and only cares that he can get a Covid19 test when ever he wants.  American citizen do not have such luxuries.  Insert eye roll here!



Immigration Crisis

Let’s all acknowledge that most of the crisis’ in the last 2 years have been created by Trump and his gang of Grifters in the White House.  The Immigration Crisis is brought to you by the man who couldn’t get a date if his life depended on it, Stephen Miller.  Trump is a mindless boob who will think you his bestie and will give you anything you want as long as you worship and adore him completely.  You know, whore your self for your own agenda.

First they crippled the Judicial processing of immigrants across the border.  They then sent ICE to raid companies all across the nation.  They secured facilities like an abandoned Walmart to house the surplus of unprocessed immigrants.  Then the numbers swelled.  They engaged more for profit centers.  The media and even members of Congress were turned away from these centers when they came to investigate the conditions.  Children were separated from their parents and held in “juvenile centers”.  There some were sexually abused by the for profit center’s staff.

Fast forward to this week.  Investigators finally evaluated the conditions.  They were appalling.  Children sleeping on cold floors with foil blankets.  No sanitary assistance and barely fed.  Murderers are treated better in not for profit facilities.  These are children.  If the children are treated this way how are the adults being treated?


This is how the Trumplican Party conducts business.  For profit and coldly obtuse.  It’s the Trump way.  The Trump way is to create a crisis and them supposedly fix the crisis and then take a pat on the back for the great fix.   Only, that hasn’t happened with the illegal immigration crisis created by Trump and his evil minions.  Trumplican accept no responsibility for the horrible inhumane treatment of their foreign prisoners.   Although our Constitution provides due process it is ignored by Trump and McConnell and their band of blindly submissive Trumplicans in Congress.  This isn’t America.

Hey Trumplican followers.  Did you know that ICE and their lackeys have been dropping these supposed MS-13 Loving illegals in border towns all over America?  Did you know that New Mexico, Arizona and Texas are overwhelmed with “illegals” that were dropped in their towns by the Trump administration.   Hmm,  if they are so scary and so connected with MS-13 why in the heck would you put your supporters and Trump lovers at risk?

Trump has created Profitable Detention Centers where he holds foreign nationals hostage.  Shouldn’t they be considered Political Hostages?  If another country did that the world would be more outraged.  Why aren’t more Americans more outraged?

How Many Millions Makes Golf Expensive?

So the Presidential King of Lies has been exposed again.  Yes, his supporters love when he lies to them so they do not care but I do.  As a taxpayer I care how much Profit-Golf the President plays.  First the number is approximately $102 million with only 2 years of being President down.  Second every time he goes to his “Southern White House” as he likes to call it we get to pay HIM.  So not only has he played more golf than the last several Presidents he makes a profit over and over when he goes to his clubs.

I’m wondering why his supporters are so STUPID!  They chant at his ego-rallies and fuel on his incoherent tirades.  “Lock Them Up”, is the new/old one.  I challenge any of them to name two people other than Mueller.  Who exactly is “them”?

It’s like truth is non-existent any more.  Lie to us we love it.  Unless it’s by a woman or a person of color then they are devils.

William Barr is the President’s Stooge.  He will destroy the rule of law to save the President’s hide.  Mr. Barr is anti-democracy and yeah authoritarianism.  That my friends is not what America was founded on.


The reality of the Mueller Report is Mr. Trump did everything to obstruct not only the investigation into Russia tampering with our elections but his involvement with Russia before he ran for President.  He is the biggest LIAR ever to be President in the USA.  That’s saying a lot considering Nixon was President.

If he had nothing to hide there would be no reason to have multiple injunctions for things like his tax returns to his former employees giving testimony by subpoena to Congress.  What don’t you want the morons who follow you to know?  You are an agent of Russia?  You laundered money for the Russian Mob for decades?  Hmm…what could it be?

The truth is Mueller did indict people.  People went to jail…Waving to Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.  So there was 100% credibility into the Mueller investigation.  Unlike the prolonged investigation into Hillary Clinton that produced….Zero.  Not one indictment.  It cost way less than Trumps For Profit Golfing trips but still.

His base worships him.  They say they are people of Christ.  He lies to you and breaks God’s Commandments over and over and over again.  What kind of Fracking Christianity do you follow?

China will never come back to the US and re-engage it’s farming contracts to the level before Tariff Man came to town.  For a guy calling everyone out as Socialists (how dare they want Healthcare), he is all about subsidizing the Farming Community for votes.  Weird right?

I need to end my Diatribe but before I do…Would someone, for the love of God, Drug Test Ben Carson?!?

Oreos?  Really Ben…you are the most stupid doctor I’ve ever seen 😦

Republican Version of the Carter Administration


So Mr. Trump is mad again.  This time at China and in his “SELF PROCLAIMED” title of Tariff Man has decide to change the dialogue from The Mueller Report to destroying the financial status of the United States.  You know because he’s a super awesome, stable genius business guru.  Spoiler Alert:  He is not Stable, A Genius or A Good Businessman.

Jimmy Carter was a man elected in a time of resistance to government too.  He had limited expertise being the Governor of Georgia.  People liked him because he was a farmer/governor who worked outside the Beltway.  It’s was what America wanted.  Someone different, a peoples candidate to lead the masses.  It was economically a disaster.  The Beltway Elite in Washington froze him out.  The Recession crippled our country as well as the oil embargo because of the regime change in Iran.  Things didn’t go well for President Carter.  Mr. Reagan sold everyone a bill of goods too.  He saved us from the recession.  He did it by robbing from Social Security.  The grand idea of a little pain in the future to save us today.  That wasn’t what happened.

Mr. Trump thinks the Government just prints money and can pay for all of his missteps.  It can’t do it for very much longer.  We are $22 trillion dollars in debt right now.  Some from ACA (which saved millions of lives), The Recession of 2008 (Banks really are not too big to Fail), a 2 front war in the Middle East (3 if you count Syria) and my favorite a $1.5 trillion dollar tax windfall for all the wealthy in our country.  To sum up…very little money coming….tremendous amounts of debt has money going out!

Mr. Trump’s favorite thing to do is create financial discourse to change the dialogue.  Right now the Stock Market is showing a loss of 584 pts. because of Mr. Trump’s awesomeness in business.  He clearly doesn’t understand how the stock market works, or farming’s relationship to the stock market or that rage tweeting as World Leader is the dumbest of things a World Leader can do.  But here we are.  How anyone with a thinking brain can seriously support this tart who doesn’t know anything about anything is beyond me.

2020 can’t come fast enough.  Perhaps we will see a new enlightenment in America.  One were anger, rage, stupidity and violence isn’t the mainstay of everyday.  When all is said and done and Mr. Trump doesn’t get to stay beyond his 4 or 8 years the truth will be laid bare for the world to see.  He won’t have the power to stop it.  Until then, I pray that Mr. Trump’s destruction of America doesn’t get that chance to bloom.

Be kind out there.


We have this bush in our backyard and it’s blooming for the first time since we moved in.  It’s rather beautiful.

I’m so excited!!!

Remember to be Kind today.


So the President and the Trumplicans in the House and Senate are all into hiding what the Mueller Report shows.  The reality of this situation is…if the President is exonerated as he’s tweeted over and over again and that there was “No Collusion” then he would just release the redacted report to the press and the citizenry.  The reality is more to the point it probably doesn’t.  It probably shows that the President and his staff and family acted in a less than moral/legal way during and after the election of 2016.  He’s ashamed of what the MR reveals about him as a person and a leader.  Like we didn’t know he was the SHADIEST MAN IN AMERICA.  Wealth does not bring intelligence.  It gives you avenues to the best education but not intelligence per se.

The same goes with his tax returns.  He doesn’t want them released because there will be connections with Russian Businesses and such.  The other side and probably the real reason he doesn’t want them to be release is his pride.  He isn’t and was never a good businessman.  If you don’t read, say, contracts well you are going to get hosed.  Also, it would reveal that he defaulted on loans, lots of them.  He’s a man of no Character or self rebuke.  He thinks he’s a genius in all there is in the Universe.  He’s not really.  Mr. Trump has and will always be a very, very small man with a very, very high opinion of himself.  The fact he refers to himself in the third person often is just a showcase of all that is Donald J. Trump.

The scary part is that his base follow him like a Cult Leader with Koolaid.  They rally like Nazi’s with no irony to be found.   They hug the flag one minute then walk around in pants that are the flag.   They are a weird angry bunch.

Let us keep in perspective what’s happened over the last few weeks.  North Korea and Russia are thumbing their noses at Trump/America.  Trump has ratcheted up his trade war with our largest trade partner China, aggressive weather fueled by Climate Change is decimating Middle America and there were several shootings by mentally ill, angry Domestic Terrorists against places of Worship and Schools.  Yet we do nothing to stop it.  Thoughts and Prayers for it all.

To Mr. Trump…grow up you sad pathetic easily manipulated fool.  Everyone manipulates you because you have no opinions of your own.  You can’t read and you lack any character that would tell you what is right and what is wrong.  Be the man you’ve told everyone you believe you are and stop lying about everything!

It’s Like Watergate All Over…But With Bigger Scarier Liars

Yesterday the Attorney General of the United States answers questions in front of the Republican controlled Senate.  The Russia/Obstruction of Justice Probe aka The Mueller Report is worse than Watergate.   Why do American’s who support Trump not see that he is a man who puts himself above all others, including the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Mr. Barr lied the first time around to Congress.  His testimony is a matter of record.  Yet he struggled for the right verbiage to make his lies seem not so bad.  This man is the highest level of Law Enforcement in the U.S.  Are you scared yet?  If you aren’t…you are in for a rude awakening once the days of Trumptonian Politics are over.

“Mr. Barr, the American people know you are no different from Rudy Giuliani or Kellyanne Conway, or any of the other people who sacrifice their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the oval office.  […] A lot of respected nonpartisan legal experts and elected officials were surprised by your efforts to protect the president. But I wasn’t surprised. You did exactly what I thought you’d do, that’s why I voted against your confirmation. I expected you would try to protect the president. And indeed, you did.” ~~Sen. Mazie Hirono, May 1, 2019

Like so many who side with Trump they are the ones who put their careers and reputations on the line for a man who demands loyalty from others but extends no loyalty back.  He is a man of NO CHARACTER.  Trump was bred that way by generations of cowardice men pretending they better than everyone else, which of course, they certainly are NOT!  The most ridiculous of all of the Trump Supporters in the Senate would be Lindsay Graham.  He has become a hysterical shrieking obsequious little man.  He is telling us, matter of factually, that the Mueller Investigation/Report are over.  You know, because he said so.  Everyone should be laughing at that.   I think when someone glossed over the discussion of the Mueller Report to dive right into HRC’s emails again didn’t realize they just validated the need for them to delve deeper into the Report and get to the heart of the redactions.

Oh, and for the record,  Mr. Trump and his associates (some who at one time had NO security clearances, hi Jared) have been using unsecured emails, computers and cell phones since day one of his Presidency.  This was all verified by President Trump himself.  So before you go back to Mrs. Clinton and her fictitious crimes against humanity.  Let’s focus on the crimes of the CURRENT administration.  The list gets longer and longer by the day.

Mr. Barr should receive a subpoena to testify in front of the House and if he refuses to show up then arrest him.  Being AG doesn’t put him above the Law.  Being President doesn’t put Mr. Trump above the Law either.  It’s time to bring justice back to the Justice Department before we do turn into a Fascist State.

Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Imagine a world where you can’t drink the water or breathe the air?  You don’t really have to imagine it.  It’s that time.  Regardless if you believe in the concept of Climate Change or not the science is real.  The climate is changing.  If you don’t believe it still and you live in an area ravaged by floods, tornadoes, drought or hurricanes you are what the lay people refer to as an absolute MORON!

Incidents in the globe that came about millions of years ago that killed off the much life in the planet because of the cold are happening again.  Like in the past, certain species will evolve from the changes and others will die off.  What if humans are the ones that die off this time around.

In America today we are run by a President who believes in profits over common sense. He is for fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.  They’ve been proven to be toxic to our very lives but that’s okay.  Who needs clean water and air?  Oh, right, everyone needs clean resources!!!  In Saudi Arabia, they are investing in renewable resources like solar panels and wind turbines.  Even they understand the future while selling us the past.  Our President isn’t aware of reality so he invests in a dying brand.  Not unlike his own businesses that do not diversify he sees only the present and not the longevity of his brand.

Saving the Planet means saving ourselves.  Leaders like Trump do not understand this because they do not value any life other than their own.  It’s rather sad.  We can’t stop the inevitable but we can make adjustments to soften its blow.  This is a very unpopular concept to those who only want to reap the now profits.  Seriously,  you can have a trillion dollars in the bank but when you get pancreatic cancer from the water and air you might not be able to buy your life back.

I was kind of hoping that Ivanka could sit down with her Dad and husband and read them the story of The Lorax.  It is a beautiful story about the destruction of our planet in a what children can understand.  I say this because I’m fairly certain the President can’t read more than 144 characters a day.

So please Ivanka, help out America and read these important stories to your father.  Perhaps he will want to save the planet and not want people to die of cancer.

The 21st Century Republican Party

The 21st Century Republican Party looks more like the 19th Century Democratic Party more than ever.  It’s no longer the party of The People.  It’s the party of the wealthy.  History is about to repeat itself.  Greed and corruption will become very painful for those wealthy, greedy pigs.  Right now there is a war on the people.  The 98% that pay for everything from war to gasoline.  The wealthy state likes to use other people’s money before using their own.  The wealthy class/corporate class are the true welfare state in our country.  It’s run, like our country, by a handful of white men with no conscience and no idea about reality.  There is no toll to pay at the end of the road.  So they think.

Since the industrialized age in America Corporations dumped their toxins in the waterways, grounds and air.  Safe disposal was laughed at as not economically feasible.  By the 1970’s the toxicity had exploded to emergency levels.  Communities were poisoned slowly while not one congressman, corporate CEO or local government official did anything to stop it.  It lead to the creation of “Super fund” sites.  It cost hundreds of millions of dollars and countless lives.  Guess what we are doing now under the leadership of Swamp Leader Donald J. Trump?  Poisoning our air, water and land for profit.  Only now, Americans are desensitized to it all.  Flint, Michigan and other cities and towns across America are in a water nightmare.  Poisoned by various indicators from Military bases to Corporate Polluting.  Most Americans drink the water anyway.  They are resigned to no one caring and no one doing anything.

Trump says the real National Emergency is a border wall with Mexico.  Last I heard, for fun the Mexicans were stealing parts of the Border Wall that exists already.  Mexico 1, America -10.

It is a travesty in our country that we are okay with being poisoned for Profit.  Being incarcerated for Profit and just surrendering our lives to a man who can’t get through the day with out a Big Mac, nap and Fox News.  I’m not sure when this Making American Great Again actually happens but since the dingle berry has been President for 3 years I would think it should have happened by now.

America is in a great crisis.  Our relevancy in the real world is demoted so low that other National Leaders laugh at our President.  He can’t even fill his cabinet positions.  Our standing in the global community is only high with Despots and horrible dictators who starve and kill their own people for fun and amusement.

Modern America has become a grasping hold on White Privilege and very bad, policy.  Republicans are okay with the slaughter of our children in schools and houses of worship.   When it all implodes, and it will, Mr. Trump will blame HRC, The Democrats and of course the Dead Senator John McCain.

I will blame it on the loss of men of quality, men of conscience and well…the men of the Republican Party.  The Republican party can be saved but since they only like token women who toe the line, well they will just be a group of white boys, being white boys.

In the catch phrase of all White Racists Head In the Sand Republicans of America…Thoughts and Prayers.

(Thoughts & Prayers = Laugh and do nothing).

Confronting Stupidity

There have been measles and mumps outbreaks all across America this year.  The worse in many, many years.  The reason is tied back to the Anti-Vaxers, as they are called.  The idea that Vaccinations cause Autism caused a panic years ago.  I completely understand the initial response.    Autism was not understood.  The classifications of the spectrum were mind boggling to the lay person.  The panic swelled because parents only wanted to protect their children.  This is widely understood.

When the research started filtering back and the verdict was vaccinations did NOT cause or increase autism in children the crazies came out in full force.  I’m looking at you Jenny McCarthy.  The research continued.  The findings were exactly the same year after year.  Then the decision not to vaccinate your children became a movement.  They were called Anti-Vaxers.  So now the Crazies had a name, a cause, and a continuing delusion.

First let me express my admiration for science.  In many cases, science has been life saving and life changing.  In other cases, science was turned into an evil tool of destruction and gruesome death (Napalm, Atomic Bomb, etc.)

In the treatment of disease across the board we’ve seen so many treatments either increase life expectancy or eradicate diseases that had long killed hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.  Take the simple research that showed if doctors sterilized (ie, washed) their hands between patients and procedures less people died.  It’s simple but it took research to determine this outcome.

Let me get back to the Anti-Vaxers.  Even in 2019 the research put out by independent doctors and researchers found no link between Autism and vaccinations.  Yet the Anti-Vaxers have made it their call that its up to them to determine if their children should be vaccinated.  It’s their constitutional right to deny their children medical care.  Yeah, I know, that sounds stupid.

Now we have an outbreak of measles and mumps plaguing these not vaccinated children (in some cases now adults).  Measles, Mumps and Chickenpox all have vaccinations that work in most of the population.  I myself had been vaccinated as a child but needed another MMR vaccination as an adult because I know longer carried the antibodies.  To get the Measles or Mumps as an adult is bad.  It can cause complications and sterility in some people.  Is a possible chance of death really an acceptable option for your family?  I went with NO.

Our local college is in the middle of a Mumps epidemic.  This is not good or acceptable.

Then I read this in my morning news that set off this diatribe against the idiots of our country.

So many stupid people. Doctors aren’t the enemy. Also, taking advice from morons isn’t helpful either. Case in point;

‘Darla Shine, wife of the White House communications chief, who tweeted that she wished her children had had measles like she did as a girl.

“Bring back our #ChildhoodDiseases they keep you healthy,” she wrote’

This is person’s husband is of Authority in our nation espousing disease as a medical option.  Go ahead, shake your head too, I’ll wait.

Ms. Shrine, what you said is careless and amazingly ignorant and stupid!  Let me put it in a scenerio from the past…

Polio is running rampant in the world and America.  Our children are being paralized and dying at an astounding rate.  Dr. Salk found a cure and a vaccination.

“Bring back our #childhooddiseases”.  Oh, what?

Small Pox is running rampant in the world and America.  Our children and populations are dying at an astounding rate.  In 1796, Dr. Jenner developed the first inoculation against the disease and saved people.
“Bring back our #childhooddiseases”.  What, wait?

On behalf of all rational thinking people I ask you to stop listening to stupid people with no medical background for their comments.  I’m sure if Ms. Shrine lost a child to a preventable disease she would be devastated and feel guilty for her stupidity.

There is data that some children will have a reaction to vaccinations.  If you are worried about this consult your doctor and develop a plan.  Doctors only want your child to be safe and healthy.  Be rational, be reasonable and for the health of everyone be smart.
Here ends my diatribe.

The Culture of Boys Will Be Boys

This Brett Kavanaugh thing is ludicrous in that the Republican male dominate Judiciary Committee has decided to attack rather than do what is best for America…again.  Yesterday, Donald Trump compared himself to Judge Kavanaugh in the sense that he too was a victim of a smear campaign by women.  Mr. Trump forgets that he paid these women to stay silent about his infidelity.  If he didn’t do it he wouldn’t need to pay them off.  In the end, his Evangelical Base listened to the words of Satan  and Fox News and forgave Mr. Trump for breaking one of God’s commandments (there are only 10).

The Republican led Judiciary Committee thought they could just do a bums rush on Judge Kavenaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.  No real hearing, no tough questions, just a pat on the back ole boy and you are in for the next 40 or so years.

Mr. Grassley and his cronies have decided to use a Woman prosecutor to question Dr. Ford so they don’t get their hands dirty.  They really do not see the importance of these hearings and why this particular event came to be.  Judge Kavanaugh’s disrespect of women is an important factor because he will possibly rule on Roe v Wade and other women’s  cases.  Since there was no serious hearing on his opinions of the laws the Democrats forced a discussion.  Was it right?  Who knows but what is important is that Judge Kavanaugh is willing to lie about his past to become a Supreme Court Judge.  He wasn’t a drunken fool in High School or College yet his own yearbook says this is patently  lying.  His friend’s book about his debauchery in High School corroborates the things that happened.  Yet, Judge Kavanaugh went on Fox News to plead his case with the Base (White Guys feeling disenfranchised) he made it sound like everyone else was partying.

It’s rather repulsive that Collins and Murkowski, both women and republican constantly vote the party and not for their constituency or in this case the women of our country.

In the end, Judge Kavanaugh was an over indulged teenager with wealthy parent who sent him to an expensive Prep School.  A Prep School knows for it’s debauchery that was only curtailed after a Kennedy died of a drug overdose.  He was an entitled white male in the 80’s.  That behavior of entitlement doesn’t dissipate because he grew up.  His views as a Judiciary are scary, especially for women.  His daughters now can read all about how he and his friends victimized a girl called Renate in their yearbook.

Kavanaugh isn’t the only candidate for this position.  The lack of information allowed by the Republican Committee is circumspect.  What are they hiding?  Why can’t you dump Kavanaugh for a better Supreme Court Nominee?

It’s time for a Woman President!  It’s time for more women to standup and take narrative away from the abuser.  It’s time for Grassley, Hatch and the other immoral misogynists of Congress to take heed that women have an enough of their Crap!

This is my opinion, as a woman and a republican.