A Beautiful Weekend

What an amazing weekend.  I’m tired but it was worth it.  The sun was shining, it was warm (86 degrees) and very low humidity!  Hurrah!  Our friends let us use their pool this weekend while they were away so that just added to the greatness of the weekend 🙂

I got to finish the book I was reading and start a new one.  It is turning into the summer of “Murder, She Wrote”, lol.  I enjoy Jessica Fletcher…it’s a weakness 🙂

Millie and Tara enjoyed the sun pool side too.  Tara’s not a fan of the water (or any water for that matter) but they both had a quick dip in the cement pond.

To top off the festivities we decided to make our own pizza.  Pizza Bagels are the best.  Who knew.  They were so yummy!  It’s definitely the way to go!  Now it’s time for a little rest but wow! what a weekend 🙂

p.s. Yes I know my grammar is atrocious.  It’s part of my charm 🙂

Thanksgiving…I’m Thankful for the Food

Thanksgiving 2016 came and went.  Good time had by many and the food was bountiful…and tasty!


The appetizers were off the hook this year.  Bean came up with some snazzy ideas and everyone like them.  Beautiful and Tasty!



There was something for everyone!


No holiday would be complete without a Stock’s cake!  Boom…that’s what Philly is all about at Thanksgiving!

We would be thankful for more but our sports teams suck, lol!

Sunday Dinner

I watch too much Chopped so I was nervous about cooking my first meal for my In-Laws.  I think things went okay.

I made a Turkey with stuffing and potatoes.



I tried to make my Mom’s gravy but I need more practice there.


My MIL made her world-famous sweet potatoes…


and Bean made a tasty Carmel Cake.


Everyone was so nice and no one got sick so that’s a good sign.  I’m more of an eater than a cooker but I do like to cook.  It’s like science in the kitchen.  You never know what goes with what until you try it.  If it blows up the kitchen…try something else, lol.

A Side of Whoopee Pie

Two words…WHOOPEE PIE.


One word…Diabetic.

I love these things.  I’m not someone who normally eats sweets.  I’ve never been a sweets person but I made the exception for Whoopee Pies.  I’m a diabetic so I’m watching my sugar levels.  I’ve given myself a pass this week.  Shhh…don’t tell my doctor, lol.

Dude it’s Whoopee Pie…drastic measures must be taken!!!

Summer Lovin’ 2013 – Strasburg – The Food

We took a break from the Trains to grab a bite to eat at Issac’s.  Bean and I love sandwiches so this restaurant find was a perfect fit.


The restaurant part was created to look like a train’s dining car.  Very cleaver and cute to boot!


The view across the street from the strip mall that housed Issac’s and the Choo Choo Barn was in typical Lancaster tradition…it was the view of a farm 🙂


The most important part of our dining experience of course is the food.


I got this tasty sandwich called a Rainbow Parrot.  I axed the Lettuce, Tomato and Onion from the original sandwich that included Corn Beef, Cole Slaw and cheese.  This was a tasty, tasty treat!

I can’t wait for the next adventure.  I hope more tasty treats are on the horizon 😉

Easter Eggs…YEAH!

Every year we dye Easter Eggs.  I like this because I get to be 10 years old again.  I know normally I act like I’m 12 years old so I get to feel younger during the egg dying process.

20130330_214325 (400x300)
One of my eggs had a crack in it…

20130330_214309 (300x400)

It was very Jurassic Park.  I didn’t let the crack get me down though because I had….STICKERS!!!

20130330_214418 (300x400)
And now I have an awesome Easter Egg with a Easter Bunny soul patch!  Yeah…I’m cool like that!

I was totally rocking Easter Dinner too.  Seriously…my MIL was on it with the food (as she always is!).

IMG_7139 (400x300) IMG_7138 (400x300) IMG_7137 (400x300) IMG_7136 (400x300) IMG_7121 (400x300)
and last but not least…Bean’s AWESOME Milky Way cake.
IMG_7119 (400x300)
I loved this cake for two reasons…one…Bean made it 🙂  and two she got the receipt out of a novel she had read.  Good times and good food…Very cool indeed!

FOSP: It’s Not Called French Onion Soup

We went to a new restaurant that had some tasty morsels to offer.  As you know I’ve been in search of the bestest French Onion Soup in the world.  If it’s on the menu when we go someplace new I get it.  The new place is called “The Metropolitan”.

2013-02-23 13.27.04

They do not call this FOS at the Metropolitan.  They call it Truffled Five Onion Soup.  I found it to be a fancy name for French Onion Soup.  But I digress.

2013-02-23 13.09.56

The soup was delicious.  It had all the standard fair of FOS but with the slightest bit of mushroom in it.  Thankfully it didn’t overrun the taste of the Onion Soup part.

2013-02-23 13.30.23
The flavors were all there and it had the bread at the bottom like FOS with the melted cheese on top.  I’m going to give this a 4-star rating out of 5.  I ordered other food but after having the Onion Soup and the wedge blue cheese salad I was quickly filling up.

2013-02-23 13.19.11
They make their own Blue Cheese Dressing which was very nice.  I’m not a fan of BC but I will always give it a try even if I don’t like it and have to pick it off the salad.  It’s part of my process.

2013-02-23 13.27.12
Wonder Woman and Bean got the fried pickles.  It’s like their FOSP.  They liked them but felt the pickles were cut to thick and had just a touch too much breading.  But over all they enjoyed them.

2013-02-23 13.37.45
My main course was a flatbread cheesesteak with the best fries I’ve ever eaten.  I was extremely filled by my soup and salad choice that I didn’t really eat my sandwich then.  I brought it home and reheated it for lunch.  It was very good.  It was an interesting take on the Philly Cheesesteak.

2013-02-23 13.38.04
Bean really enjoyed her Pulled-Pork sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries.

Wonder Woman got the Grilled Reuben sandwich also with sweet potato fries.  I loved that the menu read like the food list on Chopped.  Very cool 😉    We enjoyed all of our picks.  My only comment would be that I need to go back so that I can actually eat my food there, lol.  I get too filled to quickly, lol.