Food Shopping 101

I recently discover that most people don’t do things like I do things.  Example…food shopping.  I cut my coupons, got my cart and recycled bags and headed out with my list of what we needed for the week.  So far normal, right?

IMG_1705 (300x400)

I took Pepe King Prawn with me because I’ve always got some kind of action figure in my pocket.  My wife recently got Pepe for me because well he’s the most awesome Muppet (sorry Kermit) and she’s cool like that.

IMG_1706 (300x400)

These are just a few pictures I texted to my wife while doing the food shopping….

IMG_1707 (300x400)

Yes I’m a sick bastard!

IMG_1708 (300x400)

I like to have fun!

IMG_1709 (300x400)

Sean Penn…get it…Champagne, lol.  Oh Pepe, you slay me!

The shopping trip only took 2 hours and everyone was looking at me like I had a mental problem.  They were just jealous that I do not hide my freak flag.  I wave that baby back and forth with pride!


1776 Lives!!

Sunday saw bright sunny skies and a balmy 60 degrees.  It was the perfect kind of day to take in the yearly Revolutionary War Battle Re-Enactment.


What I love about the Re-Enactments is the fact they stay in character and live that way all weekend.  It so much fun to speak with General Washington as he surveys his troops.

SAM_5133 (400x300)

It doesn’t hurt the mood when it’s autumn with the vibrant colors accenting the encampment.

SAM_5293 (400x300)

SAM_5232 (300x400)

They held weapon demonstrations before the skirmish.

SAM_5347 (400x300)

It turns out Ben Franklin is quite the shooter.  The lady in non-period garb is the safety inspector.

SAM_5425 (400x300)

In the center, guiding the American Militia is General George Washington.

SAM_5430 (400x300)

The British won the skirmish but not the war and the Americans lived to re-enact another battle!

SAM_5288 (400x300)

If you get a chance visit Hope Lodge.  It’s an historic treat!

Easter Eggs…YEAH!

Every year we dye Easter Eggs.  I like this because I get to be 10 years old again.  I know normally I act like I’m 12 years old so I get to feel younger during the egg dying process.

20130330_214325 (400x300)
One of my eggs had a crack in it…

20130330_214309 (300x400)

It was very Jurassic Park.  I didn’t let the crack get me down though because I had….STICKERS!!!

20130330_214418 (300x400)
And now I have an awesome Easter Egg with a Easter Bunny soul patch!  Yeah…I’m cool like that!

I was totally rocking Easter Dinner too.  Seriously…my MIL was on it with the food (as she always is!).

IMG_7139 (400x300) IMG_7138 (400x300) IMG_7137 (400x300) IMG_7136 (400x300) IMG_7121 (400x300)
and last but not least…Bean’s AWESOME Milky Way cake.
IMG_7119 (400x300)
I loved this cake for two reasons…one…Bean made it 🙂  and two she got the receipt out of a novel she had read.  Good times and good food…Very cool indeed!

Just Call Me Snooki…Wait Don’t

I went to the Jersey Shore this past weekend.  It was beautiful.  If the wind was just a pinch less it would have been picture perfect!

This car was so cute with its wind-up on it.


I bought a chair umbrella this year and I was in love.  It was awesome and blocked the sun nicely.

And then…the wind broke it and now I need to get another one.  Well I paid $10 bucks for it I should have guessed as much would happen 😦

We went out to breakfast like we always do the first day at the shore.  Bean got scrapple.  For those of you not from the Philly area.  Scrapple is a dish best served crispy.   Most folks outside of the Philly have never heard of it.

I got the basics, eggs, sausage and home fried potatoes.  Yummy breakfastness!

Smilie face toast…Um Hello…That is pure genius!!!

So unlike Snooki I was sober the whole visit and didn’t need to be bailed out of jail.  Yeah Me!

My Friend Albie

Flashing back to my childhood is always interesting.  Mostly because I can’t remember huge chunks of it.  Oh well…luckily I can remember the movie Hocus Pocus verbatim so I’m cool.

This weekend we went to Joe’s Crab Shack.  Since I’m basically a child trapped in an adult body (my poor wife) this is what happened…

This is Albie at Joe's Crab Shack

This is Albie having dip.

This is Albie having some Joe's Crab Shack.

This is Albie wondering why I ordered a bacon cheese burger at Joe's Crab Shack...I do not eat seafood. Yep I'm weird like that.

We had fun and the food was tasty!  Good time had by all.

I Went To Church and They Had Nachos

Well sort of…I went to Chickie & Pete’s for lunch and they have nachos + a whole lot more.  Bean takes me to the coolest places.  I’ve never been one to venture very far from my comfort zone.  I ate so much my pants didn’t fit right so I unbuttoned the top button for the car ride home.  Yep nothing but class from me!  So here is my photo montage from my trip to Chickie & Pete’s!

And of course we got the cheese steak nachos and by we I mean I ate them all myself…but it sounds way better when I say We 🙂
So how is Chickie & Pete’s like church?  Well once someone told me that every time you enter a new church you get a wish.  I’ve always just used that strange Catholic stuff and applied it to bars and since there is a bar at C & P it was applied.  So Praise Jesus and Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo and his friend Jim Beam!!!