A Movie Under The Stars

Last night I crossed off one of our summer bucket list items, outdoor Movie night.

Our Community hosts free outdoor movies at various locations around town.  Local businesses sponsor these movie nights.  Last night it was hosted at Historical Hope Lodge.  A beautiful location for sure!  We waited for dark to get the movie going and it was really cool with the Mansion sitting in the background.  Popcorn and movie…how can you go wrong.

Dark came quickly now that we are racing toward Autumn.  And the 100+ folks who gathered on the lawn applauded the start and finish of our movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is/was a classic.  All though Amy Farrah Fowler messed with our minds stating that regardless of what Indiana Jones did the end would have been the same and he didn’t even need to be there I still loved this picture!  Getting to watch it with my love made it even more fun!


Florence Foster Jenkins…The Movie

This weekend I got to see the movie Florence Foster Jenkins.  It was an amazing movie.  Filled with Ups and Downs that made it believable.  It is a film about FFJ.  She was a woman who inherited her money.  She used this money to her foster her joy of music.  She used it to bring happiness to herself after life had been bitter toward her.


Hugh Grant was excellent as St. Claire Bayfield.  All of the actors were excellent.  Simon Helberg offers some levity during the more tense moments.  Just a nice film.  I highly recommend this film.

A Visit To Ralphie’s House aka The Christmas Story House

This past weekend I had a big birthday.  One of those kinds of Birthday’s that you do something expensive.  I had my choice of what I wanted to do.  ‘A party?’…No thank you.  ‘A Trip?’…yes a trip might be nice.  ‘Hawaii?’…no I was just at the beach.  ‘You like Disney World’.  Yes I do, but I’ve been there many times (although it is a Magical place I will return too).  ‘Where would you like to go?’ my wife asked me.  I got on Trip Advisor and that’s when it hit me, Ralphie’s House!!!  She said, ‘Are you sure?’.  Yes I was sure so she packed me in the car and off we went to the land of Drew Carey….CLEVELAND!


The Christmas Story House is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was so much FUN.  Frank Smith, our tour guide, was filled with one story after another about the making of the film, the cast and the neighborhood.  He had us laughing and smiling the whole time.


There whole house was refurbished to the 1940’s look after it was purchased by Mega Fan Brian Jones.  He and his wife made this a really awesome place to visit.  Fun and exciting and well…FUN!


There wasn’t anything that I didn’t experience in this house.  The Lamp in the window (you can touch practically everything).  The Red Ryder BB Gun, sit on the sofa while holding a ‘blue ball’ or stand by the Christmas tree and get your picture taken.


I even got under the sink where Randy waited for Daddy to come home and kill Ralphie, lol.


I’m making this face because Mrs. Schwartz is yelling at me on the phone.  When we were out in the back yard I could hear a train whistle of in the yonder…just like in the movie!

If you are in Cleveland, around Cleveland or thinking of something to do…go to Cleveland and see Ralphie’s House.  Tell Frank I said Hi!!!

Oh Hey Hollywood

So Hollywood big wigs are scratching their heads this Monday wondering how a low-budget ($20 million) horror film blasted past the big block-busters they’ve rolled out for the masses to consume.  R.I.P.D. from what the trailers on TV were showing was nothing more than a hack version of Men In Black meets the dead or The Frighteners minus the badges.  Pacific Rim is another big in your face film but is it really what everyone wants to see?  How many end of the world films can one person consume in 4 short months of summer?

DSCN4873 (400x300)

What I’ve always found interesting about the Hollywood Elite is they really think they deserve the money they make.  The film The Purge cost approximately $3 million to make grossed approximately $36 million its first weekend.  In this era of 3D, 2D, CGI and special effects the freshness of a movie like Pacific Rim is lost.  World War Z came out just before Pacific Rim and it flopped as well.  Between the star’s salaries and the grand scale of the film it was destined to just be a money pit.  So that leaves me to the question…when is a big-budget film to big?  Is $400 million too much money to spend on a film?  I would say yes.

Do I like a good Sandy Bullock movie?  The answer is a big yes I do but then again she’s not making $400 million movies that go thud!  Don’t get me wrong I love a big action packed thrill ride of a movie but do I want to see one every weekend?  The answer is no I don’t sometimes I just want to see a quiet, well written movie.

I really thought after The Blair Witch Project Hollywood would have seen the light but they’ve been wearing those sunglasses for too long.  Maybe The Conjuring will give them a little snap back to reality.  Who knows…all I know is I have yet a reason to fork out $13 to go to the movies this summer, just saying.

Six Degress of Dr. Sheldon Cooper

I’ve loved The Big Bang Theory since I saw the first episode.  It was just one of those shows I could relate too.  I’ve found I’m a lot like all four of the boys on the show (minus their intelligence).

I associate many things with many other things (Totally stole that from Katherine Hepburn via Desk Set).  I used to say everything I ever learned I learned from a movie.  I now realize that is not so but for a long time it felt like it was true.  This is one of those times.


Big Bang has made me try things I wouldn’t have tried before like hot dogs and spaghetti and light sabers.  It made me want to learn more about Physics which I found very interesting.  Sometimes it influences me to read certain books.  One I read was Flatland by Edwin Abbott.  The second book Bean found in a thrift store.  She immediately showed it too me and then went…”It’s not the finger…it’s the M-O-V-I-N-G Finger”…I laughed.  The was a line from Big Bang.  The book she found is Agatha Christie’s “The Moving Finger” and I can’t wait to read it.

I’ve always enjoyed finding books from other books as well.  Right now I’m reading “Miss Lonely Hearts & The Day of the Locust” by Nathaniel West because I came across it from Lillian Hellman’s “An Unfinished Woman”.  Sometimes life, books, TV and movies are weird like that, lol.

I Love You, Now Get Off My Board!

Ah the true love of Jack and Rose.  When I saw this bench I told Bean…I’m taking a picture of that!  She replied…you take a picture of everything.  This is true.  But here is the picture 🙂

The thing about the movie Titanic that always bugged me was she promised him she’d never let go and then what did she do when she thought he was dead…she pushed his carcass in the cold Atlantic Ocean.   So Rose…you suck…you let go!

Perhaps it was intended to be a metaphoric “don’t ever let go”.  Who knows I just know that’s no way to treat the self-proclaimed King of the World!

p.s.  Rose you suck even more because you threw that giant diamond over the side of the ship when you could have fed the starving or housed the homeless or given it to your hippie grand daughter!  You are an evil woman!  But you look like Kate Winslet so because you are hot I forgive you!

I Hate That Monkey Says Jack Sparrow

This weekend was a blur.  But we managed to do some great stuff.  Some of that great stuff you ask?  Well we went to the drive in to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was good y’all…totally go see it :0)  It was so great that the place was sold out and this is what the place looked like when with us getting there an hour early.

Just a sea of cars.

We took this weekend to get things done…first on that list…sleep until noon.  Check…off the list and ready for the next adventure.  Watch tons of movies…done.  Also accomplished was I finished the book I was reading and started a new one.  Yay me!

All in all…a perfect weekend with my love 🙂