On A Hot Autumn Day

Today has been another hot day in the neighborhood.  It was colder in August than it is now.  I want it to be cold or cooler, not 85 degrees!

I haven’t been outside much in the last 5 days because of the heat and humidity.  Today I forced myself to go out to the farm for some Autumn cheer even if it was 85 degrees.

Things are starting to turn brownish.  Very Harvest looking which is wonderful!  The farm is preparing for the winter and sowing the crops.  I love having this place near me.  Suburbia isn’t the same as wide open farmland.  To have this to look at everyday is soul cleansing.  It gave me the boost I needed today.  Now Mother Nature is done with Hurricanes and Heatwaves we can get on with Autumn, thank you. 🙂


Baby, It’s Hot Outside

It’s Autumn officially now but the Temperatures have been sweltering.

This cloud is about the most we will see from Hurricane Maria.  She’s churning off the coast of North Carolina right now but she’s suppose to move out to see and not guide up the coast.  Thank goodness.  Too many people have been hurt by Hurricane’s this season.  Harvey, Irma, Juno and Maria have served their destruction and now the rebuilding is taking place.  The lack of response to those victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico by the US Government is appalling.  But under the current President and his Administration it really doesn’t surprise me.  Compassion is only granted if there is a profit (for Trump and his Cronies) to be made.

I’m hoping once Maria moves out of our area we will see more seasonable temperatures and the Hurricane’s will die down.  Here’s to Hope!

More Autumnal Joy But With Rain

Even though it is raining her (Left over Patricia) I went outside at lunch time to take some groovy pictures.

SAM_4976 (400x300)

I feel like the rain brings out brighter colors because it’s so gray out.

SAM_4964 (400x300)

SAM_4939 (400x300)

It always blows my mind when I go to different locations and the colors are so different.  Yesterday I went to a local park and the colors were bursting.  Today I headed 2 miles east of that and it is still very green.  The leaves are falling but I guess I felt the colors would be about the same level.

SAM_4950 (400x300)

It doesn’t matter what the color intensity I’m just glad I was able to enjoy it!

The Heart Grew A Lot Fonder

This weekend I went away with some of my school mates from High School (yes we graduated like 5 years ago, lol).  We had a lot of fun and tons of laughs but I still missed my Bean.  Life is like that.  One day I was content to be alone and the next I couldn’t see a future without my love.  I got to see her last night and everything was good again.


Paging Bobby Rydell!


It was a windy day on Saturday but it didn’t stop us from seeing the sights.


E, B and M Cheesing it up for the Camera


I’ve never done an Autumn sunset in New Jersey before and lets just say it didn’t disappoint!


Sunset at Reeds Beach


I’m not sure what was going on with my hair but I just went with it.  I was captivated by the colors dancing around me.


Sunset at Reeds Beach



The Dunes made for nice picture-taking!


We danced, we ate, we sang, we played with Monica’s Knockers and yes…we told a million stories about the old days when being 17 seemed like being old.

This sign had little to do with my weekend other than I took a picture of it on my weekend adventure 😉

Earl is a Porn Star

So I’ve heard the media go on and on about Hurricane Earl.  He’s sucking and blowing along the Eastern Coastline and it occurred to me that Earl is a lot like a porn star.  At least that what I’m getting from the weather people.  My local news guy who’s nickname is “Hurricane” looked like he was about to explode from sexual frenzy while talking about his Categories.  His voice was much higher when he gave Earl a category 3 status and a little calmer when it was mentioned that Earl might be downgraded to a category 2.   So if he gets down graded to a Tropical Storm does that make him the guy that holds the camera in the porn world comparison?  Poor Earl…you were once mighty and strong…but you might just be a whole lot of puff and not so much smoke.

Bjorn and Earl