Another Thanksgiving In The Books

Another Thanksgiving done.

The Food was incredible as usual and the company wonderful.
Spending time with family is always a good think.  The only down side
was my RA acting up.  The pain was almost unbearable but I shuffled on
and had fun.

Now on to Christmas.  Yikes!  Less than a month to go and I’m already
freaking out, lol.

I hang out with the Gnomes, Edgar and Poe to keep me calm.


Thanksgiving…I’m Thankful for the Food

Thanksgiving 2016 came and went.  Good time had by many and the food was bountiful…and tasty!


The appetizers were off the hook this year.  Bean came up with some snazzy ideas and everyone like them.  Beautiful and Tasty!



There was something for everyone!


No holiday would be complete without a Stock’s cake!  Boom…that’s what Philly is all about at Thanksgiving!

We would be thankful for more but our sports teams suck, lol!

Thanksgiving Goodness!

My MIL out did herself this Thanksgiving Dinner!  Everything was beautiful and delicious.

IMG_4651 (300x400)

IMG_4696 (400x300)

IMG_4685 (400x300)

How could it be Thanksgiving without Football…

IMG_4689 (400x300)

It was a cold day in town so we watched the Parade on TV…

IMG_4683 (400x300)

Our Turkey Day was perfect!

IMG_4654 (400x300)

We capped off the awesome weekend with going to see “Catching Fire”.  It was really good and if you read the books you’ll love it for sure!


It was a busy long weekend but it was a good weekend filled with Family and fun!

Thanksgiving Isn’t Just A Day…It’s A Weekend! – Part II

Just a  quick recap from part I.  We ate a lot of awesome turkey, sweet potatoes and corn (Maze in the olden times) and had a turkey coma.  Later we went to Longwood Gardens and saw some spectacular Christmas Lights.  Okay…you’re caught up.

Years ago when we first got married we went to this nice restaurant in Kennett Square that served dishes made from all local stocks and stores.  After going to Longwood Gardens we went back to the Foxfire and it was as nice as the first time.

I love that the first dining room features a large fireplace. It’s got a lot of country charm to it.

They give you this egg with puree lobster something or other. Bean loved it. I’m not a fan of seafood so it was kind of lost on me flavor wise but I still thought it was wicked cool looking.

Bean got the cheese plate…

…and I got the most beautiful salad I’ve ever consumed in my life.

Palate cleanser please….

And now for the main courses…

This is Pheasant wrapped in bacon stuffed with venison. It had a basket made of shoestring sweet potatoes that was filled with medallion size zucchini.

Bean got the Lump Crab Cakes with potatoes and green beans.

And we finished with…

Bean got the Red Velvet Cake and I got the Creme Brulee.

The whole day was wonderful.  It almost made me not want to return to the real world.  I’m thankful this Thanksgiving for having this opportunity and having family and friends in my life who love me.  I hope your Thanksgiving and TG Weekend was a wonderful too.

Thanksgiving Isn’t Just A Day…It’s A Weekend! – Part I

Today marks the last day of my Thanksgiving Weekend and I’m kinda sad.  Being a bum and just having fun for 4-days was pretty cool.

Dinner was amazing.  My Mother-in-law puts on quite a showing.  I’ve always admired her generous use of butter while cooking!  Another 5-star meal!  We didn’t do any “Black Thursday Night Sales” because there wasn’t anything I needed that bad and also because I was in a turkey coma.  I saw clips of the news where they showed the worst of humanity and also the fact that people a completely crazy.  Unless it is free…it’s not that awesome a buy I need to trample someone to death to get it.

On Friday we went to Longwood Gardens for the first of our Christmas adventures.  This Arboretum has amazing lights, a water fountain show, Christmas Trains and Christmas Trees everywhere.  It also holds a special place in my heart.

Me in the Tree House…It was an amazing view…and very high!


This is OUR Spot! Me and Bean standing in our spot!

I liked that it was just a bit nippy in the air too.  A warm Christmas isn’t what I’m dreaming of…there are no songs of dreaming for a tropical heatwaves Christmas.  It just help make the moment bright!  If you ever get a chance to visit Longwood Gardens…tell ’em Tilla Tequila sent you.  You’ll probably get better service than if I sent you 😉

Living on the Edge…Not Because I Want Too

My weekend started out great-ish.  I was going out to dinner with my Cousins but of course I got held up and was late.  It happens.  Later I went out with Bean and George Clooney.  George looked good and we had a laugh over the fact I drank his beer by mistake because apparently I can’t tell the difference between Coors Light and Miller Lite.  I grew up in the culture if its beer and its in front of you drink it, lol.  Luckily he could tell the difference just by looking at the glass but by then it was too late…I was thirsty and drained 1/2 of it, ha ha ha.

Saturday we had a full day of activities.  Yesterday was supposed to be lazy day.  Sure that sounds good, doesn’t it?  Well Fate would have other ideas…in the vein of Fire.  One of my neighbors set his unit on fire and we had to evacuate.  All was well in the end but it sucked.  I’ve got lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, just saying.

When we realized that we didn’t lose our belongings Bean said…

“Do you realize that since we’ve met we’ve had 2 Hurricanes, an earthquake and now a fire.”

Survived them all…BOOM!

…And Then I Stood In Line

Black Friday.

At 12:01 Friday morning I stood in line to get a deal on some Christmas Presents.  When I pulled up the outside of the store looked like this…

So of course I got in line too.  While I was standing there listening to everyone talk about what they were doing there at midnight I noticed it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  It was also interesting to see all of the “reunions” people around me were having.   “OMG…I haven’t seen you in 3 years and I run into you here!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Tell your Mom I said Hi!” one person shouted over to another person behind me as she was walking by to get into line too.  There was no ill will or violence.  But then again there were police stationed outside so that may have helped the situation.

I got what I needed.  Black Friday is about planning and patience.  If you lack either I think Cyber Monday might be better for you, lol.