Memorial Day – Remembering

Memorial Day isn’t really a day about parades and picnics.  It’s about remembering those service persons who fought for the idea of freedom and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  People like SSG Larry S. Pierce.

SSG Pierce was awarded the CMH.  He was only 24 when he lost his life to protect his fellow soldiers.  Thank you SSG Pierce and his family.  America owes you a debt of gratitude.

In my town the local Post sponsors a parade, picnic and Memorial which includes reading the list of fallen from Our Town.  Remembering our heroes.

I’m proud of Our Town.


I Hate That Monkey Says Jack Sparrow

This weekend was a blur.  But we managed to do some great stuff.  Some of that great stuff you ask?  Well we went to the drive in to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was good y’all…totally go see it :0)  It was so great that the place was sold out and this is what the place looked like when with us getting there an hour early.

Just a sea of cars.

We took this weekend to get things done…first on that list…sleep until noon.  Check…off the list and ready for the next adventure.  Watch tons of movies…done.  Also accomplished was I finished the book I was reading and started a new one.  Yay me!

All in all…a perfect weekend with my love 🙂