I Like Christmas too, But Seriously?

I went to Lowes Home Improvement Store today and…WTH?  The Christmas Trees are up already.  I get it after Halloween, but not before!!!  It’s only October 6th.  It makes my head hurt.  I’m going to go watch Hocus Pocus to get me back in the Halloween mood 🙂


October 1, 2015 = Awesomeness!

Yeah it finally arrived…October 1, 2015.  For me it is the beginning of Halloween season.  I love Autumn and Halloween!  I start off every October by watching Hocus Pocus!


It is my most favorite Halloween Movie of all time and is on my top 10 list of favorite movies of all time.  I loved this movie so much when it came out that I saw it 4x at the theater.  I then planned my next year’s vacation around it.  I went to visit Salem, Massachusetts to walk the walk of the movie sites.  Allison’s house, the neighborhood, The School and park, Town Hall and the Salem Village.  I LOVED IT!  I loved it so much that I went back for the next two October’s to relive the fun.  I also read every book I could find on the Salem Witch Trials.  That was a rather nasty business but the history of it was amazing.

If you ever go to Salem for Halloween/October just remember it is their busiest tourist season.  I had to make my hotel reservations 1 year in advance (this was recommended by the city website for Haunted Happenings).  I stayed in the neighboring town of Danvers and loved it.

What’s my second movie to watch for Halloween Month…Why Nightmare Before Christmas of course!

Happy October Everybody!

Summer Lovin’ 2013 – All Things Pointy!

My favorite Holiday will always be Halloween.  We went to this Christmas Palace in Lancaster and the museum was amazing.  I can’t help myself, I love anything with pointed ears.  Elves, Fairies, Trolls and yes, even Mr. Spock.

IMG_9314 IMG_9386 IMG_9388

I wanted to run away with the last two elves.  They are ADORABLE!!!  I’m lucky though I have some pointy little creatures of my own at home so as to satiate my love of pointy eared folks.

20130705_103205 IMG_9511

Okay the last one is my puppy friend Willow but she’s got pointy ears so I totally am counting her!

Chardonnay is a little Fairy Bean found for me.  She’s amazingly fun and she always carries that bottle of wine so I think she’s half-lit most of the time and I totally dig that, lol.

All My Dead People

Yesterday was Halloween.  It is said it is the one day a year that the dead can rise.  In Catholicism, today is All Saint’s Day.  What I’m saying is that between 10/31 and 11/2 it’s all about the dead folks.  So I’m sharing some personal Dead Folks with you all.  Also I love old pictures.

These sexy people are my Great-Grandparents born in the 1850’s. This is a scan of a Tin Picture. Don’t ya love their beach attire?

Looking closely at this picture I noticed that my Mother had the same type of feet as her Grandmother.  Weird.

This is my Grandmother and her sister taken about 1889. Also scanned from a Tin Photo.

These handsome folks are my Great-Great Grandparents. This was taken sometime in the late  1800’s.

This is my Step-Great Grandfather. His name was Mickey and the baby he’s holding…that’s his daughter. He was Tony Randall before it was cool to be Tony Randall.

This Tin picture is of my Grandmother, Somebody I don’t know that kind of looks like Rosie O’Donnell and my Great-Aunt.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It’s my Great-Aunt and some of her friends. I call it the Suffragist Photo. It was taken in the early 20th Century I”m thinking about 1910. They aren’t actually Suffragists but I love their style!

And for my last photo of the no longer living….

I know that these are pictures of people I’m related too but I have no idea who they are.  It’s always bothered me that I have pictures of people I don’t know but that I feel I should know.  The man sitting on the right kind of looks like my Great-Grandfather.  Maybe it’s his brother?  I should have asked him when he came back for Halloween.

Oh well…maybe next year.

I’m Beautiful…on the Inside…Literally

Today I made a new friend.

She totally has a better smile than me…but I have a better head-piece 😉

This is me on the inside. I know what you are thinking…too much candy as a child..

I know I look pretty good on the inside.  Or you might be asking why I have a picture of my skull…good question.  It’s because I’m awesomely cool and mildly crazy.

Ah The Cold…How I’ve Missed You

Autumn temps are here in the burg.  I’m loving it.  The colder the better!

It finally stopped raining here so it is easier to enjoy the autumnal weather.  But I love the contrast from cold mornings to warmer afternoons and then cycle back to the cold temps in the evening.

I loved this picture of the sun warming the cold morning.  It just sums up my love of this time of the year.  I’m pretty sure I’m not one of those people who could live anywhere.  I’m needy and must have seasonal changes.  I like the snow in winter even if it makes commuting to work annoying.  It’s pretty to look at and play in.  Then spring snaps us out of the coldness and we are back into warmth and sun for the next 6 months.  Perfection in my book.

p.s. I find the need to change my blogs interface from time to time but right now I can’t seem to decide on one so don’t be surprised if it looks different later.