Happy (Belated) Easter


Wait What?!?

So it’s April and it’s still snowing.  Sure it’s not like January snow, or in this case, March Madness snow but seriously?!?

I’m kind of ready for this mess to be over.  So in that vein…it’s going to rain the rest of the week, LOL.  Oh, lucky me!!!

In other news….I totally scored an awesome Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny this year!  Yeah Me!!!

Easter Eggs…YEAH!

Every year we dye Easter Eggs.  I like this because I get to be 10 years old again.  I know normally I act like I’m 12 years old so I get to feel younger during the egg dying process.

20130330_214325 (400x300)
One of my eggs had a crack in it…

20130330_214309 (300x400)

It was very Jurassic Park.  I didn’t let the crack get me down though because I had….STICKERS!!!

20130330_214418 (300x400)
And now I have an awesome Easter Egg with a Easter Bunny soul patch!  Yeah…I’m cool like that!

I was totally rocking Easter Dinner too.  Seriously…my MIL was on it with the food (as she always is!).

IMG_7139 (400x300) IMG_7138 (400x300) IMG_7137 (400x300) IMG_7136 (400x300) IMG_7121 (400x300)
and last but not least…Bean’s AWESOME Milky Way cake.
IMG_7119 (400x300)
I loved this cake for two reasons…one…Bean made it 🙂  and two she got the receipt out of a novel she had read.  Good times and good food…Very cool indeed!