Be Kind

It is at this time of year when people actually want to be kind to each other.

Let’s try to carry this into the New Year.



Today we celebrate a great man of History, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

BEE369 Minister Martin Luther King, Jr. preaching at an event

He was a man of action, a man of thought and deed and a man who had the gift of being able to speak to all people.  He will always be known as the man who made America understand Civil Rights for all people.

We know the story of his life and his death but to his family he was Husband and Father.  They shared him with the world in life, death and grief.  Today I remember his family who lost so much that day in April.  The world lost a leader but nothing will ever be more than losing family.


It is on this day we try to remember as Americans that we are all in this together.  It doesn’t matter what color, religion or ideology.  We are of the human race.  We are responsible for the well-being of not only ourselves and our family but of those of our community.

His message might fall on deaf ears but it’s a message we should never stop believing in or sharing.  All men are created equal.  The least of you are my brother and as a community we should hold onto these messages during dark times.

Fulfilling A Recent Dream

About 3 years ago I saw it for the first time.  It was giant and pink.  Two of my favorite things.  Last weekend I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do since I first laid eyes on it…


I had my picture taken in front of the Giant Pink Sand bucket building.  And yes…it was totally awesome!

My Many Faces of RA and It Doesn’t Stand For Really Awesome

Rheumatoid Arthritis sucks donkey butt.  I’ve been very busy the last couple of weeks and that doesn’t leave room for resting.  The weather hasn’t been exactly been helping my cause either but thankfully my wife is a living saint and puts up with my moaning and groaning.  Thanks Babe!

20130502_115843 (300x400)

Sometimes the pain makes me angry.

20130502_131913 (300x400)

Sometimes it just makes me feel defeated.

20130506_141138 (300x400)

Other times I feel a little crazy.

20130507_152743 (300x400)

In the end I have come to the realization that no matter how much I hurt, feel depressed, slow down or just am in a bad mood it’s all just transient.  There’s always hope I will go back into remission.  Ah…remission you are both awesome and brutal because when you go away you take some of that hope with you.  I’m all about the LIVIN’ and that’s just what I will always do…so bring it!

Here endth my pity party.  I’m going to go look at the squirrels…you know cause its fun!

A Night of Fun and A Hopeful Dream

We went out and had an awesome dinner. Look….

Sweet Potato Fries…Oh yeah!


Jagerschnitzel w/Buttered Noodles and some green veggie…I just preferred to call it Chicken Fried Pork.


Did someone say Gourmet? Yum.


Flat Iron Steak…medium rare with Hippy Mac-n-cheese.


And for the hopeful dream I’ve been having.

I miss these guys!


I miss vacation all of the time.  I miss the ocean and my magic shoes.  I dream about them all the time!





Panem Is No Place For A Vacation…Just Saying

Last night I had a very restless bit of sleep.  It started out great.  I fell asleep to the sounds of Sheldon Cooper and was out for about 2 hours when I woke up to use the loo.  When I went back to sleep I kept dreaming the same thing over and over.

If you meet this guy in a dream or at Home Depot and he want to take you on vacation…SAY NO!!!

Bean and I were going on vacation when I ran into Peeta from the Hunger Games at Home Depot (I have no idea why I went to the Home Depot and why I went without Bean).  He was just getting some stuff for his new tree house home when he invited us to go on vacation with him in Panem.  I should have asked was it before or after the liberation but that’s 20/20 hindsight.  I of course said ‘we’d love too’.  The first day I was there I got stung by one of those crazy hornety things in the book.  My face swelled up and I had to go to hospital.  I didn’t see Bean for most of the trip.  Various bad things happened to me during the first several days of our trip.

We were in the tree house when Katniss flew in the window on a rope and pulled out her bow to kill some tiger thingy and told us the forest was on fire and we had to leave.  It was then I fell out of the tree house burned my knee (this oddly descriptive knee thing is just weird) and the whole place was on fire.  Katniss and Bean found shelter on a space ship in the cove and Peeta kept yelling at me to hurry up.  I hate that guy!

Anyway I kept waking up and when I’d fall asleep I start back at the part where I got stung by the hornety things.  All I know is this morning I need a nap and when I dream I need to dream about watching TV and eating ice cream!  Seriously…WTH???


Last night I had a dream that kind of stayed with me.  Every once in a while I have these kinds of dreams.  Most of the time I forget them.  I think this happens to most of us.

In my dream I was on a cloud.  I was also 5 maybe 6 years old.  There was just the whistle of the wind as I flew softly through the air.  It was nothing but air, blue skies and me.  I was wearing my brown sweater that I like and had my comfort object.

What I looked like at age 5

What does all of this mean?  I have no idea but it was good.  It was peaceful.