Idiot Practically Declares War via Twitter

Donald Trump is supposed to be a world “leader” but as almost all of the world will acknowledge he’s just a petulant spoiled wealthy child who happens to be 72 years of age.

So Mr. Trump has decided via Twitter to tell Iran that if they mess with us he’s going to officially end them.  This is because Mr. Bolton has told the President that this is actually a real option.  It’s not but cool that these pathetic all white dudes think it’s cool.  Bolton is the one poking at Iran on behave of Saudi Arabia.  You know that country…it gave us 9 of the 9/11 terrorists.  Mr. Bolton is also one of the warmongers who gave us that awesome 2 front war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Yes, the 2-front war that we are still fighting almost 18 years later and has cost $2.4 Trillion Dollars with no end in sight.  Hmm.  It isn’t even a blip on the radar of Mr. Trump that his saber rattling is very bad policy (if one can call it that).  He has nothing to back his threats up and well, he makes threats all of the time and EVERYONE ignores him.  I read an article this morning that stated we would need to send 1 million soldiers to fight his war with Iran.  The cost at this point is incalculable.  But I’m sure that the strategy is that Iran will pay for the war we pick with them.  It’s been the strategy of Republicans since 2001.  Everyone else pays for it but they don’t and we are saddled with trillions in additional debt.

What Trump and his Trumplicans do not see is that America is right behind the floundering Venezuela.  Less money coming in and year after year they think they can address the issues in the future when the future has been her for like the last 10 years.  Our infrastructure is literally crumbling around us and yet he we are giving Corporations money we don’t have ($1.5 Trillion so far) and they give us….layoffs.

The Trumplicans like to lay blame for everything financially on those “lazy” millennials.  What they don’t want to acknowledge is the fact that Reagan started this financial crisis in the 1980’s for this group of future adults to do something about.  But when the good paying jobs didn’t exist anymore the kids extended their educations.  After all you need a master’s degree now for some of the most menial jobs.  So the kids spent more money by taking out more loans and they couldn’t make enough money to cover their monthly loan payments.  They have no money to buy houses, cars or most other everyday luxuries.  But the Congress people who brought on this crisis go after the fact these kids love their phones.  Um…way to see the forest through the trees pathetic clueless white dudes who made millions off of the backs of the now defunct middle class.



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