Justin Bieber Ruins Everything

This morning whilst I perused the news I came across an article that rocked me to the very core of my being.  Justin Bieber is an Arsenal F.C. fan.  Seriously, hasn’t he ruined enough wonderful things with his tacky, low-class self already?


Yes the Beebs can sing well but it ends there.  He collects pets and then just discards them (strike one), he smokes pot with is Dad (strike two, and who does this???) and well there are 100 more things but I’ll only put Strike Three…he really thinks his talent excuses him being an out and out peckerwood.  It doesn’t (Strike Three).  When the money runs out (and it will) and his shenanigans get him on the do not call list, he will just be a washed up dude with a singing voice who no one wants to higher.

Arsenal was my football team.  Now it feels like I’m dirty because of Beebs.  Do I jump ship and head over to Man U?  This is no way to start a Monday people!  I have many decisions to make today.  Who’s triumph’s will I celebrate from here on out?

Damn you Justin Bieber!!!


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