Climate Change Doesn’t Exist…Unless It Does

I’m not a tree hugger.  I’m not a Green Peace crazy person.  I’m a person who understands action and reaction.  It’s science, basic and true.  The “Global Warming” movement is over.  They never really based their opinions on facts or science.  It was a hunch.  In some ways they were correct, in others they just came off as crazy people.  Then they changed the catch phrase from Global Warming (because the Earth was actually getting colder) to Climate Change.  Still I find this a bit bizarre since the climate is always changing.

mpgpg-172I’m a realist.  The Earth is being harmed by the fact there are too many people fighting for the same resources.  Poverty makes people greedy.  Greedy people can never get enough.  That’s why Greed is bad.  The Rain Forest is being destroyed at the fastest pace ever in history.  The people kill the animals as they rush from the burning forests for their lives.  The ecology of the area is forever damaged.  All actions have an equal or greater reaction.  Droughts occur, Flooding, earthquakes, etc.  They happen because we do not fully understand the science of what we are doing to the environment.  We learned nothing from the people in history that destroyed their homelands with wars, over farming and destruction of their local Eco-systems.

First World Nations (or whatever they are being called now) are slowly realizing the reality of locust effect.  If you devour all of your resources you then die from lack of said resources.  People aren’t as understanding to the plight we all share as a world body.

I guess I was fortunate to grow up in a time in society that was not so “throw away”.  We recycled things because it made sense.  We were poor and needed to stretch the resources.  Can you remember the last time you sewed something to get more wear out of it?  We have so many things now that we never would have had 30 years ago.  Why, well mostly because we didn’t really need them.


The World as a collective is going to hell in a hand basket.  Wars, famine, starvation, over building, nuclear threat and the list of baddies is never ending.  This writer sure wishes it wasn’t like this at all.  I like this Earth I live on and well, if only half of it’s inhabitants took personal responsibility for their lives on it, maybe the future would look a little brighter.


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