David Bowie Is Gone

This morning I heard that David Bowie died.  I immediately went to Labyrinth.  What a great movie and he was perfect as the Goblin King!  I imagine with most people he will be remembered for his songs.


I will never forget when I saw him sing Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby on the The Crosby Family Christmas Special.  It was a performance that stayed with me.  David’s passing made me think about when Elvis died.  Everyone asks the question…”Do you remember what you were doing or where your were when Elvis died?”  Same could be said of John Lennon’s passing.  Don McClean sang about the day the music died about Buddy Holly.

My answer isn’t profound in any of their deaths.  When I first heard of David Bowie’s death I was sitting at my desk at work.  It was a Monday.  It was cold.  A talented man was called home and those who love music were moved.


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