Reality…No Thank You

I read the news too much.   I think that the world is all screwy and I’m not a fan of crazy people.  What I like are pictures of Dogs.  I like to read.  But I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t read the news.

281A934D00000578-3059294-image-m-14_1430233425252I like Star Trek…but not the pilot episode.  It was wicked creepy.  The Vulcans are cool because they have pointed ears.  I’m all about things with pointed ears.  You know like Elves, Stitch, Zelfs and that girl on the eye drop commercial.  I’m fairly certain she is an elf.  I watched the movie The Santa Clause with Tim Allen…they were all over that movie.

So today I’m rambling.  No I do not have a head injury.  I’m just annoyed by the news and can’t direct my angst properly.

Oh well.  I think I will just read my book and have a water because that’s just how I roll in the Shire.


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