Weird Fact About # 37 – I Have A Weird Obsession With Toys

So I’ve got this obsession with toys.  Not all toys mind you but I do have an array of “Action Figures”.  Some really are action figures like Batman, Aqua Man and other super heroes.  Some are figures I’ve collected throughout the years.

IMG_1349 (400x300)

This really got started in 2004 when I bought Bjorn Maelstrom a Norwegian Troll at Epcot in Disney World.  Since then I’ve added Ingrid, Boone, Arvid and Nils to the Norwegian Family.


As you can see by this earlier picture of Bjorn he’s had some wear over the years.  He’s traveled to 16 states so far and is preparing for a trip to Ohio in the next couple of weeks to bring that number to 17.  It started off as my “Flat Stanley” type project.


In 2009 on a another trip to Disney World. Bjorn suffered an unfortunate accident where his arm fell off.  To fill in for the rest of the trip I got Mick2009.  He is better suited to the lifestyle of a traveler being soft vinyl.  So he filled in for a while.  This is how the cast of characters grew.

2011-Chris-Ft Washington Park5

Christmas Snow was a gift from my wife.  Chris saw a lot of travel time but she also suffered from injuries during the treks.  Her ear broke and her legs got wobbly.  But look at that face…she is awesome!

IMG_1143 (400x300)

Bantley is a newbie to our cast of characters.  He arrived with a broken foot that just doesn’t want to stay unbroken.  He’s a little guy but very hardy!

SAM_3894 (400x300)

Homie the Gnomie that actually an elf and is a favorite of mine.  Since arriving in 2013 he’s been around town a lot.

There are so many other figures that I have used and even more that haven’t made it on the site but it’s been really fun doing my “Not So Flat Bjorn” project.

If you would like to see what the Explorers are up to you can go to Bjorn Maelstrom: Norwegian Explorer’s blog.


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