Vacation – Part VI – The Last of It All

This installment is just a bunch of random pictures of weird and fun stuff.

IMG_1700 (400x300)

We had a massive rainstorm roll through one night.  When we went to the beach there were “lakes” all over the beach.  This was just one of them.  Thankfully The Wildwoods are known for their large beaches.  It was pretty cool though.

SAM_4054 (400x300)

This is the smallest car I’ve ever seen!

IMG_1405 (400x300)

This father got stuck carrying everything back from the beach while his family went home carrying nothing.  Poor Beach Dad 😦

IMG_1228 (400x300)

The seagulls were pretty good this year.  Not annoying and very picturesque.

IMG_1727 (400x300)

You are never too old to paddle board in the ocean as proven by this gentleman!

IMG_1257 (400x300)

This aero-banner read…”Amy, Will You Marry Me?  JK…Beer Me”.  The best advert of the summer vacation!

IMG_1715 (400x300)

So the answer to the questions “How many people are on the parachute is?”  Three!

IMG_1710 (400x300)

This boat isn’t as close to the swimmers as it looks 🙂

SAM_4048 (400x300)

Even after 100 years the sunken ship of Cape May is still visible.  Well at low tide.  It’s a yearly tradition to go see it at Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ.

IMG_1753 (300x400)

The previous renters forgot their photo booth pictures.   I thought about leaving our picture behind for the people renting after us to go with this one.

IMG_1448 (400x300)

It was another amazing vacation.  I miss the smell of salty air, the ocean and just the laid back restful pace of it all.  Until next year…I will miss you Atlantic Ocean!


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