Facebook Ruins Lives…Probably

There are times when I hate Facebook.  Usually when I read hateful posts by people I thought I knew.  Really I only knew those people for a short time a long time ago but we are “friends”.

There are times when I love Facebook.  It is when I see pictures uploaded by family members who are scattered around the country.  They make me smile and happy.

Sometimes Facebook is funny and it is also loaded with dog and cat pictures and videos.  This in my book, well it’s an awesome thing.


What is weird on Facebook is when people document every thought they have in their head.  Every argument with a family remember is plastered on the Walls and every political feeling.


I do enjoy the memes and funny posts and of course those Minions are a riot and a half.


Sometimes Facebook is good.

Sometimes not so good but I still use it.

I’m probably just a weirdo.


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