Weird Fact #27 About Me

I’ve got a fondness for Nuns.  Maybe because my Aunt was a nun and as a child I spent a lot of time with nuns.

Nicole01 42

Maybe it’s because they look like penguins.  I like penguins too.

Nicole01 58

Nun fashions changed over the years.  We always referred to them as Triangle Heads when we were kids.  Not around parents, mind you, but in our kid groups.  We weren’t stupid.

Nicole01 66

Their habits got shorter and they showed their hair a little bit.  Sexy Nuns?  Weird right?


When we were little we even got to dress up as nuns.  It was from this I deduced Catholics are weird.  A good kind of weird, but weird.

To this day I still collect Nun dolls.  Mostly because I’m weird.


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