My Disappearance was kind of Lame

I wish I had some International Espionage reason for not blogging but honestly I was just lazy.  I kind of felt like ‘what could I possibly write about’?  I’ve done some things and took some pictures but I just didn’t get my butt in gear to post anything.  So now I’m back!  The world is my oyster!


I love Trains.  If I had the room in my house I would have a train and town hobby set up all the time.  I don’t have the room so I have to admire them from a far.  I’ve had two opportunities since August to check out trains.  First is from Morris Arboretum.  They always have a great train display and it’s a local way for me to enjoy the click-clack of the tracks.


The second offering is from the Christmas Display at Longwood Gardens in December.  They moved the location this year due to construction.  I actually preferred it in the new space.  The lights that surrounded the display only enhanced my train joy!

IMG_0453 (400x300)

IMG_0454 (400x300)

IMG_0456 (400x300)

I’m happy to report also that for Christmas I received a plethora of Train books and clothing.  Ah, I sure do love me some trains!


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