Obituary for Willow

On August 7, 2014 I had to say goodbye to my best friend of the last 13-1/2 years.  It’s never easy parting ways but when the other dies it is 10,000x worse than any other goodbye.


Willow wasn’t just my dog.  I was her human.  On the first day of our meeting I went to the breeder to pick up the gift of a dog.  I had an awful 1999/2000 with sickness and surgeries and my friends knew before all this I was looking to get a puppy.  I had even selected the breed…Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Fortune was on my side when my friend knew someone who had bred their Corgi’s and our companionship was forged.


Willow and her siblings were born on December 5, 2000.  In February, Willow and her sibs were old enough to be adopted.  I went to the breeder’s home and there they all were.  So many fuzzie bunnies.  It was Willow who picked me.  She came over as I played with other puppies and laid her head on my shoe while I was sitting on the floor and fell asleep.   I knew right there she was the one.


Willow Carrots came home and filled our lives with love and fuzziness!  Boy do Corgis shed like the dickens.  She was there for all the good times and there for the blackest moments of my life.  I’m not so sure she was on board when we added a sister to the mix two years later.  Mickie is a Boston Terrier.  The word Terror is in her name…enough said.


The two became inseparable.  Best of pals because Willow was so laid back to contrast Mickie’s almost manic personality.  Now Mickie seems lost without her bestest pal.  As do we all.



Her favorite season was winter.  She was quite the Snow Bunny.  She loved snacks and her favorite human food was munchkin donuts.  She liked to sleep on her back and gave you the stink eye if you woke her from her slumber.


Willow was very sick in the end but she managed to make us smile in the morning or when she’d get a boost of energy and start, what she would call, running.


She was loved by all that met her and she was especially loved by her family.

Goodbyes are painful…especially when they are permanent.

Goodbye my beautiful friend…until we see each other on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


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