So A Minnesota Law Now Rules The Day In Tennessee?

Yesterday Circuit Court Judge Russell E. Simmons Jr. ruled that a ban on Same-Sex Marriage isn’t unconstitutional.  He bases his decision in part on an obscure case from Minnesota from 1972.

He wants to defend “Traditional Marriage”.   Which version of “Traditional Marriage” is he trying to defend?  How is denying a tax paying citizen the same rights that other tax paying citizens have with no question.    He basically is upholding a discriminatory “Voted by the People in 2006” Amendment to the state constitution.  Amendments to the constitution should never be hurtful to any of its citizens yet this one is designed to single out one demographic of the people.

Judge Simmons had to go back to 1972 and a whole other State to find something to validate his discrimination.  Marriage is right not a privilege.  I just wish once someone would cite how Gay Marriage has harmed Straight Marriage?   Again…if you are so worried about the sanity of Marriage legislate Divorce.

Like all common sense approaches I offer this to the people repulsed by the idea of Gay Marriage…if you are that fearful then just don’t get married to someone who is gay.  Sounds simple enough.  Example…If you are on a diet does everyone have to give up donuts because it makes you uncomfortable?  NO…that would be ridiculous!

My Rant is getting long so I will sum up.  I have never come across anyone harmed by my Legal Marriage.  In fact when I got legally married all I got was a Congratulations.  No one burst into flames, or tears and not one of my friend’s marriages disintegrated at my revelation and yes…God was apparently not ready to struck me down.  So how about we follow the laws of the land and stop using religious ideology as a reason to legislate discrimination.

Hey Judge Simmons…I don’t care if you or anyone else do not like “the gays” or their “lifestyle” (Not sure what that is actually) but do not try to prop yourself up by saying I don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else.  Don’t dig deep to find obscure laws to justify your fear!  It’s discrimination plain and simple.  This issue isn’t complex.  And really in the end GOD will JUDGE all of those who JUDGED others in his name.  Where do these supposed Christians think they will be standing when God Calls…with him?

I’m going to say probably not.


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