I Came, I Saw, I Kicked It Old School

While in Las Vegas recently on business I was presented with a unique opportunity.  We went to the Stratosphere and the views were breath-taking.  Atop of the hotel are rides.  Very high and scary rides.  One in particular is called “Insanity” and riding it is just that…insane.  My work mate who was with me said…”You wanna do it?”  And I (who is afraid of heights) said…’Okay’.  So we rode the scariest ride I’ve ever been on.

20140408_152225 (300x400)

IMG_9615 (400x300)

This ride drags you off the side of the hotel and dangles you at 900 ft. above the ground.  Then it spins you at approximately 40 mph while you are pivoted in a facing down angle.  You can’t help but see how high you really are, lol.  I didn’t close my eyes and gave into the craziness of it all.  Yeah, I kicked that ride in the a$$ and took names!

I think karma gave me a reward for facing fear.

20140409_141917 (300x400)

I found Elvis and got my picture taken!  Which was my biggest goal for my first trip to Vegas!


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