Wintering with the Dead

I love cemeteries.  When I walk the line of headstones I wonder what the story is of the person buried beneath the stone.

IMG_8809 (300x400)

Every person who lives has a story.  Sometimes we get a glimpse of the person.  In older, wealthier cemeteries the people would honor their dearly departed with their likeness on the stone it’s self.

IMG_3696 (400x300)IMG_3695 (400x300)

There are other times when the family has a desperate need to honor and remember their beloved family member.
IMG_3571 (400x300)

William Warner’s grave is one of those families.  William died at a young age and his Father so missed him he commissioned this tomb stone for his beloved son.  The Angel opens the coffin lid so that William in his ghost state (his face is etched into the cloud) could rise and travel to heaven with her.  It’s so beautiful.  Whenever I visit Laurel Hill Cemetery I always am drawn to it.  You can just see the love for this young man in the artistry of his monument.

Hillside-LA-JoeyLutz (400x300)

Joey Lutz’s family felt the same way as the Warner family.  They also gave the traveler’s like me who would stumble upon his stone a glimpse of his life.  He was Loved, A Son, A Brother, A Teacher and a Friend.  He was young when he died but he touched many along the way.


Then there are lonely stones like this one.  It rests in a small cemetery not used since the early 20th Century.  It’s not well maintained and it rests oddly between a real estate office and a now defunct car dealership.  This stone makes me sad.  It is the stone of my relatives who died in the 19th Century.  Their stories have been lost forever.  I visit it from time to time so it is less lonely a place.


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