Life Is Hard…After All It Kill You

Okay I stole my headline from Katherine Hepburn so sue me…wait that was metaphorical…don’t sue me.  Life has been so busy lately I’m not sure what is actually happening.  There are blurry visions of things I’ve done over the last month but on a certain level I couldn’t tell you what they were but if you told me I could probably agree that is what happened.

I wish I could remember being a kid and wonder now if I felt this way then?  Exams, school and the what not…was it really that difficult?  I’ve found that my memory of childhood has become very selective over the years.  My mind’s eye, for the most part, only wants to remember happy things. In the last month my mind has opened up to some not so pleasant memories.  They happened and honestly I wished I wasn’t remembering them at all.  It was so much better being in the dark about things that aren’t pleasant.

20140306_205851 (300x400)

The only answer I’ve come up with over the years is life is sometimes hard no matter what age and if at all possible I need to stop for a moment and smell the roses or in my case the strawberries because I’m allergic to flowers, lol.


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