Goodbye Mr. Phelps

This week Fred Phelps who used the word of God as a weapon of bigotry and hatred died and very few wept.  So very sad that no one will really miss him. That his legacy will only be that of anger, hatred, intolerance and bigotry.  If the news accounts of him being excommunicated by his own church are real, this is even sadder.

Fred Phelps and his “church” chose the darkest parts of the Bible to defend their beliefs.  They were trained in Constitutional law and if you violated their free speech well you would be slapped with a civil suit.  Their free speech was one of hate, bigotry and intolerance.  All the things that Jesus would have spoken out against.  It made me think would Westboro have sued the Lord?  Probably.

As a gay person I don’t wish this man to burn in hell.  Frankly I don’t believe in hell myself but I do know that whatever Mr. Phelps’ next journey will be it might not be what he had hoped. Because like all the self titled “Christians” who promote violence, anger, hatred and ignorance they forgot what Jesus promoted and that was tolerance, love and that the least of you are my brothers.

It interests me greatly that those who claim they know the Lord, those who say they do the Lord’s work are steeped in arrogance.  How do they know that the Lord would preach hate, bigotry and anger?  They represent themselves (not all Christians are thus) as imparting God’s will.  How do they know how to interpret God’s will?  Didn’t God make us all in His likeness?  Why is God’s will only that of the will of Christians if we are all made by God?  I’m sure they all have an explanation for their views.  They always do. Where is the empathy for your fellow travelers?  In the end who was comforting Fred Phelps?  The people who only know hate.  The people who, in the end, may have excommunicated their father, brother and pastor?

You can keep that kind of Christianity.  Good luck to you Mr. Phelps because if there is a Heaven I’m not so sure from what I was taught as a Christian you are getting anywhere near it.


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