Sometimes when I let the dogs out for their last run of the evening I can’t help but breath in deeply the crisp winter air.  It’s time like these I miss my telescope and spending hours outside at night in the cold just watching the stars.  I’ve always been impressed with the beauty of a full moon.  It makes me remember being a child.  It’s made of gray cheese…right?

IMG_5968 (400x300)Sometimes its just nice to escape into the beauty that surrounds me.  I smile more afterward.

It is easy to forget when things seemed more simple.  They probably weren’t but time softens most things and it is easier to remember the not so harsh things.  Well at least for me.  I tend to forget the negative parts and remember the warmer parts.  Like sitting in the frigid temps looking up at the sky and forgetting its cold and I should go inside instead of spending five more minutes breathing, feeling and dreaming.


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