Arizona…Why Are You So Afraid of Gay People?

This is a diatribe to be sure!

The Gov. of Arizona is set to decide on passing legislation into law.  Specifically SB1062.  It is supposed to be about protecting religious freedom.  But having seen an interview with one of their state Senators (who is running for Governor) it isn’t about protecting religious freedom (which is already protected by the Constitution on a federal level).  It is about protecting the “religious” from Homosexuals and their “agenda”.

WHY IS EVERYONE TERRIFIED OF LGBT’s?  Seriously…have we tried to force happy Heterosexuals into getting divorce because of our “agenda”.  Why is equal rights an agenda?  I always go back to the real threat to opposite sex marriage…Divorce.  Where are these religious groups with starting legislation on outlawing divorce? Oh Right…NO WHERE!!! Divorce is against Biblical teachings.  It’s a direct threat to “Traditional Family”.  No apparently only big bad gay and lesbians are a treat to “traditional” marriage.  Yet the only argument I’ve ever heard from that community on the big threat is it is against Religious teachings.   So how again is the marriage of two consenting adults who love each other and happen to be the same sex a threat to anyone?

Also, stop equating pedophilia with homosexuality.  They are completely different.  Just ask any of those crazy old white guys who marry 13 or 14-year-old children?  I’m consistently amazed by the cultures who use Religion as a weapon.  They use it for power over others.  They violate the doctrines of their religions often and openly as it suits their purpose.

The irony to this legislation is if a company or group of people boycott Arizona for its passing SB1062, say like the NFL pulling the Super Bowl in 2015 from Arizona, it would be protected based on the law that was passed.  The law can allow a business person to deny services to a divorced person, an unwed mother or any other person that violates the seller’s religious views.  That’s stupid.

So I will say it again.  No one in the LGBT community is scary.  People who don’t act like everyone else are not possessed by the devil.  They are only different.  Being different isn’t a crime or something that needs to be changed in a person.  If you don’t like different that is just too bad now isn’t it.  You know why….EVERYONE is different.  You can be “like” someone or have similar interests but you will be different from them in one regard or another.  Deal with it and stop hating everyone who isn’t like you.

Here endth my Rant!


The “Freedom of Religion” people in AZ crack me up.  They claim that their religious beliefs are compromised when they do not get to discriminate against people openly without being called out on the fact that they are just bigots hiding behind the Bible.  I present this lovely quote.

“Kellie Fiedorek, an attorney for the Alliance Defending
Freedom, which also helped craft the bill, called SB1062 a
“balancing test” that would protect all religions and sexual
orientations while prohibiting Arizonans from “coercing
someone to violate their sincerely held beliefs.”
“This bill has nothing to do with discrimination. It’s
protecting basic freedoms that belong to everyone,” she
said, explaining that it would protect a gay photographer’s
decision not to work for Westboro Baptist Church, or
Muslims who don’t want to sell “pork sandwiches on a
Saturday.” – Taken from a CNN article about SB1062.

Here is a fact.  The Constitution already states that people can’t be discriminated for their religious beliefs.  Fact, Kellie’s ridiculous analogy of Westboro Baptist Church is moot…Westboro is in Kansas.  Fact, according to SB1062 the Proprietor doesn’t have to sell the pork sandwich on Saturday but if the Proprietor is Christian and the employee Muslim…the Muslim can be fired for not selling the pork sandwich on Saturday even if it is against their religious beliefs because it isn’t against the Christians “sincerely held beliefs”.

Cathi Herrod and her “like minded folks” need to just stop hiding and just admit…their fear is not a justifiable reason for this legislation.  You might not like people who aren’t like you but that doesn’t mean you can eliminate them from your sight instead of do what everyone else in the world must do…TOLERATE them.  I’m guessing Jesus would be for the Tolerance aspect too since he preached it in his Testament.


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