I Swelled Up and Read Some More

This weekend brought it’s challenges.  RA ruled the day and I was sad about that.  I also found that articulating myself isn’t my strong suit.

I don’t like to burden those around me with my RA because nothing can be done once a flare is in full progress and I do not like to burden anyone with my RA crap.  I find it tedious that I have to go through it.   My poor wife was lucky to have a front row seat to my RA induced melt down.  She’s a trooper though and weathered the storm with me.

Its been a stressful couple of weeks and the weather in my part of town has been snowy and filled with lots of barometric pressure.  Add all of this together and it equals a weekend of swelled joints, excruciating pain and debilitating sadness.  I think I’m suffering in silence but the atmosphere I created was louder than the drumline at half time.

It was a bad weekend for me but I learned some stuff.  If I articulate myself better and ask for help things aren’t so bad.  Now I just have to remember that for the next time!

The upside of laying around resting all weekend is that I finished reading 3 books.  Yeah for quiet time!


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